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Courses 2014

Training dates

All sessions 6.30 - 9.00 pm

24th February 2014

31st March 2014

28th April 2014

26th May 2014

30th June 2014

28th July 2014

25th August 2014

29th Sept 2014

27th October 2014 (Labour Day)

24th Nov 2014 (Final for the year)

Senior Dan Trainigs 2014

Last Monday of each Month in Auckland


Invitation to 4th dans and above from Mr Kane Raukura to train at his Papatoetoe Do-Jang.


This invitation is extended to senior dans hoping that each of you might show some interest and also hope that the Masters might like to pop in when available to ground us a bit and offer solid feedback (and some friendly) criticism. 

If the nights clash with your night of training, remember it is only once a month. Get another Black Belt at club to cover for you. Or if you have multiple Senior Dans, rotate who comes and who stays. 

If you are a one man band - I offer to you any one of my BB Team who would love to come out and cover you.

For those further North, I have notified you hoping that if you are in town, you might come along for a visit!

I don't envisage hugely structured sessions, more a get together - do some solid pattern practice, bounce ideas and techniques off each other, cement the new self defense and step syllabus etc. Do a bit of hard exercise at the end (we Tabata / Interval train each night at Dragon's Spirit). If later we want a particular focus, we can organise as required.

We teach a lot but often find it hard to squeeze in some good quality training for ourselves. So here is your opportunity. No charge - just a space, a few moments in time and some good company!

Hoping to see you on the 24th February.

Kindest regards,

Mr. Kane Raukura
Head Instructor
Dragon's Spirit Papatoetoe


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