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Courses 2015

Auckland North Black Belt Development Day

Saturday 28th March 2015

Training and development for Auckland North Black Belts by our local Masters

Where: Warrior Training Zone, 198 Marua Road, Ellerslie
9am - 12pm Saturday 28th March

26 black belts from around Auckland enjoyed a training session just for them on Saturday 28th March 2015. Master McPhail started the session with some warm-up sparring drills concentrating on dodging then countering without telegraphing. He went on to do a mobility test where the black belts were asked to do a full squat with knees and ankles together. This was followed by some stretches for ankles, calfs and hips in particular.

The session then turned to advanced basics as the class learned the technicalities involved with movements that may not have done much before. The application of each movement was then experimented with, followed by a brief discussion on each.

Master McPhail's session finished with some flying constitutive and combination hand techniques. For a "consecutive" the same hand has to executeseveral attacks in the air before landing. With the "combination" both arms have to be used. The black belts were given some examples to try and then came up with their own. There were some great techniques used such as Mr Matthew Breen's flying angle punch / downward punch combination!

Master Bhana conducted the second half of the training with a run through of gup and dan patterns. His main message was to put more feeling or emphasis into the movements - rather than just "making shapes".

The session also have some time for the participants to chat and get to know each other which as great. Auckland North is in a re-build phase with a new committee and lots of great ideas - this session being the first for the year. Thanks to our new Regional Director, Mr Barry Hart for organising it.

 Photos by Mr Peter Graham

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