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Courses 2015

Counties Manukau Black Belt Development Day

Sunday 8th February 2015

Training and development for Counties Manukau Black Belts by our region's Masters:

Papatoetoe High School, Nicholson Avenue, Auckland
Cost: FREE

Some feedback we received:

"What a way to start the year, awesome"
"Would love more black belt focused trainings"
"Loved that there was less talk and more practical"
"Enjoyed the workshops, great idea"
" Appreciated the Sirs giving up their time, and for free!"
"Thank you, I have learnt my new patterns"
"Just imagine if all our black belts were here"
"I think it's time to start giving back"
"Thank you"
"Haha, cant even remember my clubs names let alone their surnames"
"I love Counties"
"Thank you Sirs and Ma'am"
"Hell, all these years and my block was in the wrong place"
"would have stayed all day with this kind of training"
"Ow, out of commission too long, thank you Sirs"

What's next for Counties??.... THIS

Master McPhail - Patterns
Master Bhana - Fundamentals
Master Pellow - Self Defense
Mr Raukura - Step Sparring

Four groups rotating throughout the day.

    • 9.00am - Session 1
    • 9.45am - Session 2
    • 10.30am Session 3
    • 11.15am - Session 4
    • 12.00pm - Finish


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