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Courses 2017

Protect Self Defence Seminars - CD 2017


Three Seminars by Protect Self Defence

26th & 27th August 2017

Central Region is very pleased to be bringing Mr Phil Thompson to Palmerston North.

Mr Thompson is the co-founder of Protect Self Defence and widly regarded as New Zealands leading expert in self-protection. The courses are reality based and offer the chance to step up your own self defence skills to the next level.

We are providing the "Guardian Angels" and "Best Defence" courses which are open to friends and family.
We will also be hosting an instructors accreditation course.

Venue: Palmerston North Boys High, Old Gym, Featherston Street
Dress: Comfortable clothing

Guardian Angel

Age: 13 years and under
Cost: $30
Date: 26th Aug
Time: 10:00-11:30am
Details: Guardian Angels is a high energy course that aims to inform and empower young people, while avoiding the classic pitfall of so many child-safety courses: instilling fear into young minds.
Parent and caregivers are encouraged to attend as well, Mr Thompson has plenty of information to pass on to you as well so you can work with your kids to help them feel empowered and confident.
Limited to 30 participants so book your place quick.
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Best Defence

Age: 14 years and over
Cost: $45
Date: 26th Aug
Time: 12.30-5:30pm
Details: Best Defence is Protect's complete reality-based self-protection programme. This course is not only the physical aspect of self defence but includes training on awareness, avoidance strategies, and de-escalation concepts.
No special physical training is required to take part in this real-world self-defence course. To quote Mr Thompson: "If you can reach up and get a glass out of a cupboard, then you are fit enough to get involved in Best Defence".
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Instructors Accreditation

Cost: $125
Date: 27th Aug
Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Details: This course is for instructors and assistants who would like to teach these concepts and skills in their dojang.
The course ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, as well as how to teach these to your students. You will also have continuing access to Protect's resources and instructors. The cost covers your entry to the Best Defence course which is a requirement of accreditaion.

Organiser: Mr Carl Robinson
Queries to: carl.g.robinson@gmail.com
Please pay to Central Region Taekwon-Do account: 03-1519-0062739-00

* This event is a Class D Event »


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