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Courses 2019

TKD Kubz Course

Sunday 4th August 2019

Conducted by Mrs Debbie Hart
5th dan, Kubz Co-ordinator for New Zealand

The Kubz Course open to all graded members of iTKD (with Instructors permission). Anyone can become a Kubz instructor, so ask your instructor for permission - and get your school involved in this great programme.

This is the opportunity to give your club a real membership BOOST into an un-tapped area. Anyone that enjoys teaching young children should look into attending this course!

These course are 90% practical and will cover teaching all aspects of TKD Kubz.

Dates and Venue:
Sunday 4th August 2019, 21 Soljan Drive (off Paramount Drive), Henderson.
Time: 9-4 pm .
First time: $100, Refresher: $50 (Please payHart TKD: 38-9015-0097889-00), using reference kubz509
Kubz Class Head Instructors: Free
Open to: Any ITKD members, any grade, with permission of their instructor
Register: NOW

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