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CD FujiMae Round Robin 2013

Saturday 27th April 2013

St Peter's College Holdsworth Avenue Palmerston North

All ages, ranks.
Organiser: Estelle Speirs

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"Body Contact only" division for those 7 years and under that want to enter sparring.

Power Competition Rules

RULES: Competitors must attempt to break with any hand technique and any foot technique from the list below (Juniors will not be doing hand techniques). The competitors (Minimum 3) with the highest points will go through to the next round where they will break with a hand and foot technique again against more boards, where they can change the technique if they wish. All competitors must start and finish in a forearm guarding block. Competitors can still only take one step for each technique however they are allowed to jump, slide and shift on kicking techniques only with no penalty.

Hand Techniques: Forefist Front Punch, knifehand Strike, Backfist Strike, Reverse knifehand strike.
Foot Techniques: Side Kick, Back Kick, Turning Kick, Reverse Turning Kick.

Each fully broken board will count as two points and each half moved board will count as one point.


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