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World Class Photography restored

Between 2006 and 2013 our key tournament photographer was Mr Doug Hanna. His photos are what inspired many generations of athletes to one day perform on the world stage, as his work was displayed on-line and in our TKDTalk magazine.

Doug also published many many articles in a blog, which unfortunatly was discontinued by Google. He in the process of painstakingly restoring all the articles, links and photographs in the website TKDACTION.COM. We are so pleased these valuable photos will never be lost!

Below is a sample from the site - please visit to see and read some of important history.

Thanks to Mr Doug Hanna!



ITF Taekwon-Do World Open E-Tournament 2020

Now the Umpire Committee decided to hold a similar meeting for Umpires with the Umpire topics.
On next Saturday 29th of August 2020 at 19.00 UTC we will have our first Umpire Information Meeting for the ITF Taekwon-Do World Open E-Tournament 2020.

This meeting is very important and critical to understand the scoring process and the operation procedure of this tournament.

This meeting is the first of the two meetings that we will have.
The second meeting will be held on 4th of October (the day were the competition starts).
All of you and your Umpires are welcomed.
Please do not lose the opportunity to be present in this important meeting.
Kind regards
Master Abelardo Benzaquen
Chairman of the ITF Umpire Committee
Master Harry Vones
Organizer and Chairman of the ITF IT-Committee


Please see below the official invitation to the ITF Taekwon-Do World Open E-Tournament.

Official Invitation ITF TKD World Open E-Tournament 2020 ENG

Appendix Categories for the event ITF Taekwon-Do Open World E-Tournament 2020

NZ Umpires

The Tournament Advisory Group formally invites registrations of interest for officiating at the 2020 ITF OPEN E-Tournament as an umpire representing New Zealand. Your registration MUST be received no later than the 31st August, 2020.

Below is a list of requirements you will need to have met. Please be aware that registration does not guarantee approval by the NZ TAG or acceptance by the ITF umpires committee. The NZ TAG is particularly interested to receive registrations from qualified umpires who have significant domestic experience but may not have umpired internationally as yet.

You will need to have met the following pre-conditions:

Attended a qualifying ITF umpires course in the last 2 years

Hold a current ITF A or B grade umpire certificate

Officiated at the ITFNZ Nationals in the last 2 years

Be a registered ITFNZ 2nd degree or higher

Be a minimum of 21 years old

Your registration of interest needs to include your name, address, ITF degree certificate number, ITFNZ degree number (eg NZ-3-40) and all recent umpiring experience along with anything else you think relevant along with a digital photograph as well (100dpi .BMP or .JPG format only).

Please email to tkdexec@hotmail.com no later than the 31st August 2020.


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