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Who we are

International Taekwon-Do was established in New Zealand in 1970, and since then has grown to become one of the most reputable martial arts organisations in the country with nearly 100 schools nationwide.

Our Instructors are dedicated to providing a child-friendly environment within their school. All are required to attend specialised training courses before becoming an instructor, and must hold a current First Aid certificate. Our strict Health & Safety policies together with our Smoke Free environment policy will ensure that your child/ren's well being has high priority at all times.

What Can My Child Expect?

Fun and participation is encouraged, while the basic skills of Taekwon-do are being taught. We have a specialised programme developed specifically for children which will not only teach them the skills required to complete our grading syllabus but will also help to develop their concentration, co-ordination, fitness and self-discipline.

Tournaments are regularly organised for those children that enjoy competition. Entering into competitions is completely optional however and does not affect a child's progress through the ranks.

What is the Min Kids Programme?

Taekwon-Do Mini Kids is an optional programme that comes with its own workbook. The programme was designed by Auckland Instructor Mrs Shirley Pygott over several years.

The children are not taught a ‘watered down’ version of Taekwon-Do; rather they are taught the same techniques and skills that older children and adults learn in the International Taekwon-Do grading syllabus, in a carefully sequenced order, that is appropriate for their stage of physical and mental development.

The syllabus is divided into 4 levels, with a coloured stripe added to their white belt after each successful testing. The testings are conducted in their usual Dojang, approximately once a term. The two higher levels often take a bit longer to complete. It takes most children between 1 and 1½ years to complete all the levels, at which point they will be ready to work towards their first formal grading to 9th Gup within the normal grading system.

Ask the Instructor if they offer the Mini Kids Program.

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