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Auckland Regional Tournament 1998

(Before dividing into CM and AN)

Auckland held its Regional Tournament on the 7th June - with nearly 200 competitors, and a 12 hour long day!

Congratulations to everyone who competed and helped out. The standard (and number) of team patterns was excellent, and well done to Papakura who won Best Club 2nd year running.

n-akdtnt1.jpg (16052 bytes)
Pattern judges Raukura, Atutahi and Pepper

n-akdtnt2.jpg (16326 bytes)
Pellow/Breen match

n-akdtnt3.jpg (23109 bytes)
Winning team pattern - University


Best overall Belt
Green Rahiri Kaharau Mangere
Blue Steve Morris Infinity Manurewa
Red Daniel Jackson Papakura
Black Gemma Walton Papakura
Mens Black Belt
Bronze: Francis Fong Mt Albert
Silver: Demian Seidel Body Focus Glenfield
Gold: Hong Looi Mt Albert
Womens Black Belt
Gold: Belinda Gummer Infinity Manurewa
Boys Peewee and Junior Black Belt
Silver: Mark Trotter City
Gold: James Taylor Body Focus Glenfield
Girls Peewee and Junior Black Belt
Silver: Gemma Walton Papakura
Gold: Toni Moki Papakura
3rd Dan and above
Bronze: Andrew Niven University of Auckland
Silver: Matthew Breen University of Auckland
Gold: Jeanette Joe Devonport
2nd dan
Bronze: Hong Looi Mt Albert
Silver: Lisa Looi Mt Albert
Gold: Jon Sawden Devonport
1st Dan
Bronze: Mark Trotter City
Silver: Andrew Burley Devonport
Gold: Gemma Walton Papakura
Red Belt
Bronze: Jon Oosterman University of Auckland
Silver: Jeremy Cooper City
Gold: Daniel Jackson Papakura
Blue Belt
Bronze: Joanne Ho Diocesan
Silver: James Watene Infinity Papakura
Gold: Steve Morris Infinity Manurewa
Green Belt
Bronze: Zurial Harrison Mangere
Silver: Duncan Head Mt Albert
Gold: Rahiri Kaharau Mangere
Yellow Belt
Bronze: Roseanne Teltan Infinity Papakura
Silver: Keith Hambrook Devonport
Gold: Sven Eckolut Devonport
Best team Patterns
Bronze: Diocesan
Silver: Mt Albert
Gold: University of Auckland
Mens 3rd dan and Above Light/Middleweight
Silver: Steve Pellow Infinity Manurewa
Gold: Matthew Breen University of Auckland
Mens 2nd Light/Middleweight
Gold: Hong Looi Mt Albert
Mens 1st Dan and Above Middle/Heavyweight
Silver: Andrew Burley Devonport
Gold: Shaun Tolley Avondale
Mens 1st Dan Light/Middleweight
Silver: Peter Owen Infinity Manurewa
Gold: Ben Woo Pakuranga
Mens 1st Dan Lightweight
Bronze: Demian Seidel Body Focus Glenfield
Silver: Francis Fong Mt Albert
Gold: Lewis Looi Mt Albert
Mens Red Belt heavyweight
Bronze: Richard Heta Clover
Silver: Andrew Tauia Manurewa
Gold: Solomon Oh Manurewa
Mens Red Belt Middleweight
Bronze: Luke Thompson Waiuku
Silver: Aaron Dahl Mangere
Gold: Jeremy Cooper City
Mens Red Belt Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Kelvin Lee Meadowbank
Silver: Vince Barry Infinity Manurewa
Gold: Daniel Jackson Papakura
Mens Red Belt Lightweight
Gold: Dion Fernandes Body Focus Glenfield
Mens Blue Belt Heavyweight
Bronze: Graeme Foot Papakura
Silver: Garth Cowley Mt Albert
Gold: Hau Herewini Papakura
Mens Blue Belt Middleweight
Bronze: John Harrison Mangere
Silver: Lawrence Gregory Pakuranga
Gold: Allan Matthew Papatoetoe
Mens Blue Belt Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Stuart Overton Mt Albert
Silver: Joshua Zugai Howick
Gold: Steve Morris Infinity Manurewa
Mens Green Belt Heavyweight
Silver: Rahiri Kaharau Mangere
Gold: Duncan Head Mt Albert
Mens Green Belt Middleweight
Bronze: Steve Chester Mt Albert
Silver: Nick Ribton Mt Albert
Gold: Zak Holdsworth Kings College
Mens Green Belt Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Zurial Harrison Mangere
Silver: Latto Neal Papakura
Gold: Matthew Montgomerie Kings College
Mens Greenbelt Lightweight
Gold: Clynt Ringrose Kauri Coast
Womens 2nd Dan and Above Openweight
Gold: Lisa Looi Mt Albert
Womens Red/Black Heavyweight
Bronze: Rochelle Stanley Avondale
Silver: Belinda Gummer Infinity Manurewa
Gold: Trish Pepper Papakura
Womens Red/Black Middle
Silver: Selena Quinn Avondale
Gold: Margaret Pepper Papakura
Womens Red/Black Lightweight
Silver: Kim Harris Devonport
Gold: Chantelle Bennett Takapuna
Womens Green/Blue Heavyweight
Bronze: Sarah Jackson Mt Albert
Silver: Inger Hurst Kings College
Gold: Amanda Daris Pakuranga
Womens Green/Blue Middleweight
Bronze: Arlene Tuang University of Auckland
Silver: Tamara Bronz Diocesan
Gold: Laura Mitchell Kings College
Womens Green/Blue Lightweight
Bronze: Anne Morgan-Cockle Stanmore Bay
Silver: Nicola Middleton Diocesan
Gold: Ana Akauola Mt Albert
Junior Boys Red/Black Middle/Heavyweight
Bronze: Lim Royston Mangere Bridge
Silver: George Taruia Mangere
Gold: James Taylor Body Focus Glenfield
Junior Boys Red/Black Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Mark Trotter City
Silver: Jonathan Prasad Manurewa
Gold: Manuel Seidel Body Focus Glenfield
Junior Girls Green/blue Middle/Heavyweight
Bronze: Rachel McBride Mt Albert
Silver: Farisha Ali Mangere
Gold: Natalie Tuck Diocesan
Junior Girls Green/Blue Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Farina Ali Mangere
Silver: Amanda Deadman Infinity Papakura
Gold: Hayley Bennet Body Focus Glenfield
Junior Boys Green/Blue Heavyweight
Gold: Marjan Sudic Meadowbank
Junior Boys Green/Blue Middle/Heavyweight
Bronze: Leonard Deadman Infinity Papakura
Silver: Gawain Cowley Mt Albert
Gold: Jeremy Paterson Hibiscus Coast
Junior Boys Green/Blue Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Rhys Boyd Takapuna
Silver: Matthew Hartley Mangere Bridge
Gold: James Watene Infinity Papakura
Junior Girls Red/Black Middle/Heavyweight
Gold: Anthea Markstein Pakuranga
Junior Girls Red/Black Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Tracey Smith Mangere
Silver: Toni Moki Papakura
Gold: Gemma Walton Papakura
Peewee Boys Green/Blue Light/Middleweight
Bronze: Thomas Pygott Hibiscus Coast
Silver: Toby Smith City
Gold: Woodes Rogers Takapuna
Peewee Girls Red/Black Middle/Heavyweight
Silver: Jodie Johnson Takapuna
Gold: Evadora Taruia Mangere
Peewee Girls Red/Black Light/Middleweight
Silver: Rochelle Coster Mangere
Gold: Harmony Moki Papakura
Peewee Girls Green/Blue Middle/Heavyweight
Bronze: Lara Markstein Pakuranga
Silver: Natasha Begg Mt Albert
Gold: Rachel Macefield Manurewa
Peewee Girls Green/Blue Light/Middleweight
Silver: Amie Wallace Avondale
Gold: Cara Harrison Mangere




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