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SI Regional Tournament 2000

Results of the South Island Regional Tournament held on the 29/30 April 2000.


Black Belt Power

            1st Grant evans

            2nd Kris Herbison

            3rd Jarrad Ramsay

Black Belt Specialty

            1st Daniel Kerr

            2nd Kris Herbison

            3rd Shane Eade

Womens Black Belt Power

            1st Pam Colee

            2nd Janine Brown

Coloured Belt - Male

            1st John Eely

            2nd Graham Guthrie

            3rd Rex Stuart

Coloured Belt - Female

            1st Alison Roma

            2nd Loraine Eade

            3rd Keri Flood



Black Belt

            1st Grant Evans

            2nd Kris Herbison

            3rd Hayden Breese

Red Belt

            1st Russel Stuart

            2nd Joey Eade

            3rd Alison Roma

Blue Belt

            1st Vicky Toome

            2nd Selina Colee

            3rd Walter Hitchens

Green Belt

            1st Trevor Chan

            2nd Natalie Read

            3rd Christine Hart

Yellow Belt

            1st Natalie Walker

            2nd Aimee McCormick




White Belt Male

            1st Hugh Sung

            2nd Rana Moanaroa

            3rd Jeffrey Wong

Yellow Belt Female

            1st Natalie Walker

            2nd Aimee McCormick

Green-Blue Belt Female

            1st Summetra Shanker

            2nd Kirsty Irvine

            3rd Christine Hart

Green Belt Male

            1st Graham Guthrie

            2nd Trevor Chan

            3rd Chris Eely

Blue Belt Junior Male

            1st Nick Eely

            2nd Tony Jones

Blue Belt Male

            1st Aaron McMillan

            2nd Walter Hitchens

            3rd John Eely

Red-Blue Belt Girls

            1st Joey Eade

            2nd Kirsty Colee

            3rd Selina Colee

Red Belt Women

            1st ShirleyAnne Dixon

            2nd Alison Roma

            3rd Loraine Eade

Red Belt Male

            1st Russel Stuart

            2nd Andrew McLeod

            3rd Rex Stuart

Black Belt Medium Male

            1st Jarrad Ramsay

            2nd Shane Eade

            3rd Adam Siwerski

Black-Red Heavy Weight Male

            1st Shane Rahui

            2nd Grant Evans

            3rd Will McIvor


Black Belt - Grant Evans

Red Belt - Alison Roma

Blue Belt - John Eely

Green Belt - Graham Guthrie

Yellow/White Belt - Natalie Walker



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