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Courses 2014

TKD Kubz Course

7th and 14th June 2014

Conducted by Master Mark Hutton (Scotland)
Bio of Master Hutton »

Following the successful pilot in 2013, TKD Kubz is now a fully approved programme for pre-schoolers in iTKD.

The founder of the programme, Master Mark Hutton returns to New Zealand this June to run courses for new and existing Kubz instructors. Don't miss the opportunity to get your club involved.

The Kubz Course open to all graded members of iTKD (with Instructors permission). Anyone can become a Kubz instructor, so ask your instructor for permission - and get your school involved in this great programme.

This is the opportunity to give your club a real membership BOOST into an un-tapped area. Anyone that enjoys teaching young children should look into attending this course!

These course are 90% practical and will cover teaching all aspects of TKD Kubz.

Dates and Venues:
Saturday 7th June, 198 Marua Road, Ellerslie, Auckland.
Saturday 14th June, College St Normal School, 402 College Street, Palmerston North. (TBC)
Times: 9-4 pm Saturday. Includes workshop with "Real live Kubz" in the afternoon!
New Instructor $100, Refresher $50 (Please pay ITFNZ: ASB 12-3035-0746009-00)
Open to: Any ITKD members, any grade, with permission of their instructor

Auckland Course

Palmerston North Course

This is what Carolina Dillen said about the Course she attended in Sweden:

"Completing the Course with Master Hutton was truly inspiring. I not only left the course feeling more confident about teaching small children Life Skills and Taekwon-Do, but left feeling full of enthusiasm and a better person in general. The course was informative, extremely professional and included elements I wasn't expecting, such as how to grow and develop my business skills enabling me to teach what I love full time. Master Hutton is not only a fantastic Taekwon-Do practitioner, athlete and self defence expert, he is also an animated Instructor, motivator and teacher. Whether you are a seasoned instructor or considering instructing in the future, regardless of what age group you teach, attending a course with Master Hutton is a must!"

This is what Mark Banicevich said about the Course he attended in Sweden:

“‘When can I start?’ That was the first question in my mind when I completed the course in Stockholm. This is a fantastic programme for children. It is age appropriate self defence. It is social skills that are the foundation for the tenets of Taekwon-Do. How to deal with bullies. Working in and leading a team. And Master Hutton is AWESOME! When first I met him, he was European 4th dan patterns champion and an amazing athlete. Now I learn he is a fantastic self defence instructor, and phenomenal with children. Including me. Do not miss this course.”

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