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Courses 2017

Masters Summit 2017

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 2017 - Out in the Styx

New Zealand's Masters gather for an annual Masters Summit for training and discussions.

All of New Zealand's Masters present at this year's Masters Summit.

Discussion items at the 2017 Masters Summit

This year's Master Summit was very busy with over 7 hours of discussions as well as training together in all 24 patterns. A summary of the main discussion items is listed below, which bring new ideas and innovations to itkd - more details will be available to members soon.

Grading Syllabus Updates

  • For gup gradings students are asked to demonstrate B response only, using the techniques shown in the Self Defence Handbook (or variations of).
  • Grading requirement for pre-arranged sparring (2-3 dan) changes to 2 routines of 30 sec each instead of 3.  
  • Black belt point allocations for step sparring, free sparring and self defence all to become 15 points each (was 20, 15 and 10).
  • Knife defence (static) to be introduced into the black belt syllabus by 2019. The syllabus will be developed this year then instructors trained in courses in 2018. So self defence syllabus will be:
    1-2 dan: Ground, 2-3 dan: Static Knife, 3-4 dan: Dynamic Stick, 4-5 Multiple attackers.
  • 1-3 dan fitness test requirements discussed and again the possibility of a candidate replacing the run with an alternative exercise. Decided no.
  • Allocation of Masters for the mid- year gup gradings 2017:
    AN: Master Bhana
    CM: Master McPhail
    MD: Master Davidson
    CD: Master Rounthwaite 
    WG: Master Rimmer
    SI: Master Gray Patterson
  • Next senior dan grading (after June 17) pencilled in for January 2019, possibly at a National Camp.

On-line Exams

  • From May 2017 all black belt grading exams will be run via a new exam system developed by Dave Blackwell, Scott Sutherland and Master McPhail.
  • The system is up and running and final questions are being entered now.
  • Black belt candidates will be instructed to arrive at the Sunday morning session with a laptop, tablet or smart phone with access to data, so they can log-in to the website to take the test.
  • All questions are multi-choice and sample tests will be available.

Rules & Policy Updates

  • Reminder about members joining from other organisations - our rules are here: http://members.itkd.co.nz/how-to-join/faqs.php#q3
  • Clarified items in the Standards & Discipline document such as End of Class Procedure that will be included in the new document due to be released soon.
  • Members should be aware of general etiquette and also for the dobok: always wear full dobok for normal club sessions, have respect for the belt, the way it is tied and it's significance (don't use it for games or drop it on the floor).

Instructor Development

  • Master Patterson has been assigned as Instructor Development Officer (IDO) for the South Island Region.

    A reminder to instructors that we have an annual budget for this, and private or group lessons are available for you at no charge - just ask your IDO, who are:
    Master Mahesh Bhana (Auckland & CM) Master James Rimmer (Midlands) Master Rocky Rounthwaite (CD)  Master Gray Patterson (Wellington & SI).

Umpire Development


  • Mr Hayden Breese proposed an idea for a way to better recognise our Umpires. It is an experienced based points system where Umpires are given a ranking, based on the number of tournaments they have umpired at.

    The idea has been approved in principle by the Tournament Advisor Group and now by the Masters. This will now proceed to working through the details and implementation.

White belt handbook

  • A new handbook has been drafted by Mr Mark Banicevich and Master McPhail that will replace the current Adult/Junior handbook as standard issue to new members. We are hoping to have it published for 2018.
  • The handbook contains photos and full descriptions of all the techniques required from white belt level.
  • Long term plan is to then have a Yellow belt handbook, Green belt handbook etc.
  • The project was approved by the Masters

Hip Injury survey

  • Further to the discussion at last year's Master Summit it was decided to ask for our members help to conduct a survey regarding over-use injury as this has not progressed any further. If any member has experience in running surveys or has an interest in this area please contact Master McPhail.

International Developments

  • Master Davidson passed on information from the ITF, mainly regarding membership and having any overseas seminars or activities cleared with them.



  • Special thanks to Master Bhana for all his work - not only at the obvious things like organising the IIC, but also behind the scenes assisting Master McPhail with work in the technical committee budget and admin.


2017 Master Summit Timetable

Timetable: Saturday: 10am-11am Meet and 2016 re-cap Te Awamutu
Drive to venue
1pm - 2pm Discussion
2pm - 5pm Training
6pm Dinner.
  7.30pm - 10.30pm Discussion
Sunday: 8am Breakfast
9-11am Discussion

11.30am finish

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