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Kiwisport Photos, Videos and Reports

Counties Manukau 2013

Here are some photos from a most successful second round of Kiwisport for Counties Manukau.

Haurakei Plains KiwiSport

Mr Jon Sawden ran a series of KiwiSport Courses in the Hauraki Plains in 2012 and 2013. Here are some of his kids doing flying kicks!



Chapel Downs School

Ms Lianna McCartney assisted by Mr Keith Speck.

Dawson School

Ms Lianna McCartney assisted by Mr Steve Heke.

Papakura Normal School

Instructed by Master Paul McPhail


Counties Manukau 2012

Counties Manukau was the first region to be granted KiwiSport funding, and in term 1 we were able to introduce over 1500 primary aged school children to international Taekwon-Do. Here are some photos, videos of some of the courses plus feedback from some of the kids. Thanks to Counties Manukau Sport and Sport NZ for their support.

Redoubt North School » A KiwiSport Success Story
Bairds Mainfreight School »
Dawson School »
Farmcove Intermediate »
Rongamai School »
Kelvin Road School »
East Tamaki School »
St Johns Otara »


Bairds Mainfreight School

Bairds Mainfreight School is in Otara, Auckland, and we taught International Taekwon-Do to over 100 children in Term one, 2012. The Instructor was Ms Lianna McCartney assisted by Mr Ethan Parker.


Dawson School

Dawson School in Otara - Instructor Mr Ethan Parker, assisted by Vienna Parker, Bryan Reynolds, Clive Wood and Sei Brown.

Angela Funaki, Principal said:

"We have been impressed with the programme you have offered our students and the manner in which you have taught them. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity for our students to be exposed to Taekwon Do."


Farmcove Intermediate

Farmcove Intermediate is in Pakuranga, Auckland and they put their entire roll through our KiwiSport program. Instructor Mr Dave Butchers, assisted by Arlene Graham and in these photos by Mr Peter Graham.

Lynn Wilson, Sports Coordinator said:

I am just writing to acknowledge the wonderful programme your instructors delivered to our school.


The programme ran for 6 lessons and I can tell you the students were well involved and took many aspects on board, it was great seeing them smile when they accomplished a punch or kick correctly.


I would like to thank the instructors you sent as the success of the lessons were due to these very capable well trained instructors Dave Butchers and Arlene Graham.


I would thoroughly recommend this programme to any other school to take on board.

Thank you so much for introducing this programme to our school.


Rongamai School

Mrs Debbie Hart taught our course at Rongamai School in Auckland, with over 130 kids doing the course. Mrs Hart was assisted by Ms Robyn Ferrier.

The school Principal, Tina Voordouw wrote to us saying...

"I'm wondering if there is any possibility of another round of International Taekwon-Do later in the year?! I knew that the kids would love it but I’m amazed at the discipline & sound values that they are exhibiting as a result, all credit to the tutors! I’m not sure if the long term plan is for the team to return every year but regardless, if you can squeeze us in another dose we’d love it! Many thanks."


Kelvin Road School

Kelvin Road School is in Papakura, Auckland and Mr Steve Pellow taught our KiwiSport courses there in terms 1 & 2, 2012, assisted by Ms Fran Marshall.

Teacher Karen Smith said in an email...

" Thanks so much for the AWESOME work you have done with my kids!!! Having the Tenets etc. has helped me to get them to understand principles both in real life AND in school AND Taekwon-Do."


East Tamaki School

Instructor Mrs Debbie Hart with Mr Bryan Reynolds and Ms Lianna McCartney Assisting.

The teachers were all welcoming and loved having Taekwon-Do first thing on a Monday as it appeared to settle the kids into routine after the weekend. They all mentioned the discipline was a great way to start the week. The kids were all happy, active and enthusiastic. They worked and encouraged each other well.

The school worked well along side TKD in using the resource material in all of the classes. This was most evident when testing the theory as a lot of the kids knew all the answers! Some of the kids really thought they wouldn’t be able to break the board. After the 8 weeks they couldn’t wait to try. It was great to see them come from "eyes popping out" as they thought they would never be able to do that on the first week to "eyes popping out" saying WOW I just broke that.

St Johns Otara

Instrucotor Ms Lianna McCartney assisted by Ethan Parker


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