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Redoubt North School

A KiwiSport Success Story

Thanks to Top Pro NZ for sponsoring the Redoubt North School Kid's uniforms.

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We are excited to announce the Redoubt North School Scholarship Programme is to be extended further in term 2 2013. A second group of twenty children will be selected to receive the scholarship to learn International Taekwon-Do in school time.

The programme came about following the successful KiwiSport sessions run at the school, which developed into a permanent club for 21 selected children. The Board of Trustees are so impressed with the classes and the positive impact on the kids, they are fully funding a second group.

Congratulations to Ms Lianna McCartney as it is a credit to her excellent teaching skills. It is also credit to our organisation for being able to provide such an innovative programme. Master McPhail also had talks recently with other schools in the Counties Manukau area interested in starting a similar structure.

We will bring you updates on the trials for the new group of children as it happens at the start of term 2.

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For the first time in our history, we have a club that is fully integrated into the school system.

At Redoubt Primary School in Manukau, 21 kids leave their classroom on a Friday morning and go to the gym to attend Taekwon-Do class! These children are selected from the 100 that attended two terms of Taekwon-Do in our KiwiSport Programme earlier this year, and are now awarded with a long term training scholarship in the art.

The idea came about following a brainstorming session between Master McPhail and the School Principal Jane Milner, as she was so impressed with the positive effect the classes had on the children.

The scholarship programme includes support from KiwiSport, the School and a charity, meaning these kids will have 3-4 years to get as far through the grades as possible before they leave the school. Other groups will follow in their footsteps as this is to be a permanent part of the school curriculum.

Lianna McCartney, Instructor at Zeal Taekwon-Do Otahuhu, has been appointed as the instructor of the club. She instructed the children in the KiwiSport programme, is proud of the kids and excited to be involved in the project.

Any other regions / schools interested in more details of the project please contact Master McPhail.

ITKD Scholarship Recipients

Amelia Nonu Ashleigh Eliki Jay Kaveriri David Sue Dominic George-Wallace Ebenezer Rapoto Fifita Paea
Amelia Nonu Ashleigh Eliki Casey-Jay Kaveriri David Sue Dominic
Ebenezer Rapoto Fifita Paea
Kayleth O'Connell Kryton Samuels Leontay Walker Levi Rangi Lineli Vaoga Makelani Puloka Mathew Ma'a
Kayleth O'Connell Kryton Samuels Leontay Walker Levi Rangi Lineli Vaoga Makelani Puloka Mathew Ma'a
Miliona Patea Nele Morris Paul Tauati Renae Malaki Shanel Kaiafa Siuofa Mahani Vanessa Som
Miliona Patea Nele Morris Paul Tauati Renae Malaki Shanel Kaiafa Siuofa Mahani Vanessa Som

Redoubt North School in Manukau City put around 100 children through our KiwiSport Program in Term one 2012. The Principal Mrs Milner was so impressed with the classes, the instructors and the positive effect it had on the kids that attended, we were invited back again in term two - funded by the school.

The Instructor for this school was Ms Lianna McCartney, Head Instructor of her own club in Otahuhu, and assisted by Ms Margaret Kelp.








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Thanks to Top Pro NZ for sponsoring the Redoubt North School Kid's uniforms.

3 August 2012

Following the trials last week, the twenty one chosen children we announced and today the parents were invited to the school so meet Ms McCartney, Master McPhail and see a demonstration put on by the kids. The Deputy Head Mr Phil Toomer outlined the scholarship Program and what the expectations of the kids and parents were.

The demo was well received and all the parents were appreciative and are looking forward to seeing their kids do well in International Taekwon-Do.


24 August 2012

International Taekwon-Do featured in the school newsletter.


7 September 2012

Students of the new Redoubt North Scholarship Program graded on Friday 7th September under examiner Master Paul McPhail. The kids were watched by the other children of their "Pod" and parents their. Master McPhail and Mrs Debbie Hart then gave a brief training session emphasising things that could be improved.

All the students passed their grading with several receiving A passes, and Dominic George-Wallace receiving a double grading to yellow belt.

21 September 2012

Master McPhail ran a special session for the 21 Redoubt kids on Friday 21st September. The session was to check that the children had corrected mistakes picked up at their grading two weeks previous. Master McPhail commented that they all looked MUCH IMPROVED and were progressing well. They are all working towards their next grading before the end of Term 4 2012.

December 2012

Dominic George-Wallance took part in his first Tournament in November and came away with a silver medal (see phot below). Photos below show before & after grading shots of the kids following their grading on the 6th December 2012. All 21 children passed with great results - including 3 double gradings.

Latest Update



July 2013

We are very proud to announce that the Roubt North School TKD Scholarship programme has been extended further to include a second group of children. This second group were selected in 2013 and are pictured below. Congratulations to the kids - who had to complete a day long trial including an interview. Those selected are fully sponsored by the school to learn International Taekwon-Do on Friday mornings during school time.

Angel Huang Angel Ponlok Caesi Jackson Collen Rapoto Dior Castle Eimoh Gasu Elijah Eliki
Faaizah Hussein Florida Mataio Helena Mikaio Josh Roberts-Hiraka Kasanova Pepine Kaya Marino Kaya Teiho
Krish Prasad Marjorie To'o Romisa Toloumoghaddam Selwyn Tehaki Sito Chan Boon Tui Amosa  

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