Approved Uniform

It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure that their members are dressed in the appropriate dobok and that their students clearly know the expectations in regards to the do bok’s appearance and up-keep. The dobok is not merely a set of comfortable clothes that we wear to train in, but is steeped in thousands of years of Korean tradition and culture. Therefore, like the do jang it should be held in high regard and treated with respect.

There are now many dobok suppliers dealing with ITFNZ and its members. This is healthy and hopefully enables members to get the best value for money.

When choosing a dobok, it is paramount that it meets all of the requirements as outlined in the Standards of Dress for training below.


Umpires can order itkd ties from our Operations Executive Mr Shaun Tolley.

Dobok Regulations

The fist symbol is to be used by itself on the dobok, either embroided directly onto the uniform or sewing on an existing badge provided.   The official ITF tree is screen printed in black
only on the reverse of the dobok.

Information for Instructors, Suppliers and Students

When choosing a dobok, it is paramount to keep the following in mind:

  1. The dobok of choice must meet all of the requirements as outlined in the Standards of Dress for training.
  2. The dobok of choice must have the correct version of each of the insignias/logos as outlined on this document. This must include the correct font.
  3. The dobok of choice must not be covered with colourful, oversized or ostentatious branding. Instructors should control this in thier own do jang's.


Official ITF Tree   Official ITF Badge
Official International
Taekwon-Do Registered Logo
  New Official ITF Badge

Permitted brands of dobok when competing at ITF World Cup or World Champs events as approved by the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

For the full dobok requirements please see the Standards & Discipline Document

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