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How to organise a Black Belt Grading

Ms Suzzie Ponting


Organise the venue 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Ensure that the venue will be of a suitable size as approximately 100 supporters will attend on Sunday. If unsure about the size of the venue - the Examiner may be able to advise a suitable location.


The Examiner will advise quantities. Allow 2 weeks minimum to order these. The Regional Director can advise where these can be sourced from.


The Examiner will advise quantities of these also. In Auckland they can be bought from McMillan Slater, 240 Orakei Rd - Phone 520 1379. Make sure that they are old clay tiles - not new nor concrete.


These can be paid for by your Club and reimbursed by the Regional Director or alternatively, the Regional Director can arrange to pay directly.


About 12 Board Holders are needed Sunday - they should not be Black Belts. If there are juniors grading ensure there are adequate junior Black Belts or 1st and 2nd Kup students for sparring.

Black Belts:

Ring Instructors for Black Belts and Juniors. The Examiners will require a list of all available Black Belts for the formal Grading, showing their ranks.

Black Belts are responsible to the Organiser for the following:

Ensure all students grading and fellow Black Belts are formed up and warmed up prior to the Examiners entering the Do Jang.

Carrying out the duties of a marshaller eg:

ensure students go to the correct marks, give the correct commands, etc

They should remain alert to the situation to avoid wasting a lot of time. They should remain seated and not talk unless spoken to by the Examiner or Organiser. They may move to the side to warm up and stretch prior to sparring.

Grading Students:

Phone all of the students Grading to see if there are any special requirements that they may have (within reason of course). They should arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the Grading to warm up.

Regional Director:

The Regional director should be there, and will assist to ensure that the Grading runs smoothly.


The following is a checklist of all the items that you will need for a successful Grading:

Refreshments Miscellaneous Pads Destructions
Orange Juice
Coffee Cups
Rubbish Bags
First Aid Kit

White Board or large sheets of paper, Markers

Grading Kit

Club flag (your own or your Instructors)

Air Shields
Focus Mitts
Gym Mats
Black Belts
Board Holders
Tarpolins (under tiles)
Mats or towels (on tiles)
Concrete Blocks (8)

The Grading Kit should consist of:

ITFNZ Table Cloth
First Aid Kit
4 pair of leather gloves
Jug and six glasses
Tea Towel and small bowl

Refreshments, Gym mats and miscellaneous items (except the whiteboard and markers) are required both days. Air Shields and focus mitts are required on Saturday only. Whiteboard, markers and destruction items are required Sunday only.

The Examiners:

The Examiners are responsible for:

Informing the Organiser of the number of students grading and their ranks well in advance.

Sending out letters to the students informing them of the dates, place and times of the grading and contact phone numbers of the Organiser.

Liaise with the Organiser about the venues times and what is happening on the day.

Liaise with the Organiser if accommodation is required and any preferences.

Liaise with the Organiser as to the size of the venue.

Conduct the grading.

Saturday 7.30am

Set up:

Dependant on the weather, open doors and windows .

Set up Examiners table with Table cloth, plaques, three chairs ,orange juice, glasses and lollies. Place flag in appropriate area.

Supply tea, coffee, milo, sugar, milk, mugs, spoons and a few clean tea-towels. Extra mugs and spoons could be appreciated by some students.

Ensure all kick pads and focus pads are made available and are easily accessible to Black Belts during the Grading. Allow 1 air shield for each 2 people grading - make sure they are not too soft as this could result in someone being injured.

Ensure mats and any other 'special' items needed by the students are available and easily accessible.

Ensure ice is available with some towels should it be required.

Check toilets are clean. Soap and towels to be made available.

When the Examiners arrive they will take over.

The Grading is closed and not open to any spectators.

There is nothing further to do except be available should the Examiners require anything.

During break for lunch ensure at least one person remains at the hall for when everyone comes back.

Check all equipment is still available and clean the mugs, spoons etc.

Advise the Examiners where the run is to take place.

Once everyone has started the fitness training, make sure that the run is marked out.

Once the run has been completed by all students, they will be able to go home. Allow them to leave the hall in their own time.

The pads and focus mitts will not be required on Sunday. Tidy up the hall and remove anything which may not be kept safe overnight

Sunday 7.30am

Set up:

Check coffee etc are available and mugs, etc clean.

Set up the hall as above, and also desks and chairs set out for the written test.

Ensure a white board is made available or some large sheets of white paper for the Examiners to demonstrate any details for the exam. Don't forget the marker pens.

Set up a separate area ready for the oral test, of one table and two chairs for the Examiners and one chair for the student.

Once the written and oral tests are over, everyone will leave and will return for a 1pm (or 1.30pm) form up.

During this time set up the hall as for normal grading. However, markers on the floor are not usually required.

Ensure gloves, tiles, towels (for on the tiles), boards and the board-holder are stacked neatly nearby.

Place ice in a suitable position along with the First Aid Kit. Ensure there are plenty of towels to wrap ice in. Allow at least one for each student grading

Ensure sufficient seating is set up for spectators (approximately 100 people).

Advise Black Belts of the warm-up area and ensure they are aware of what is expected of them.



Board Holders:

Ensure board holders are aware of what is required of them and that they are aware they must move quickly and quietly when asked as breaks are completed remove all broken tiles and boards as quickly as possible.

Those Grading for 2nd Dan or higher may need to advise the Board Holders of any special standing arrangements for the boards. Check with the Students before they leave for lunch and ensure Board Holders are early to meet them, to check their requirements.

Ensure that the usual protocol for board holders is followed: Face the Examiners, bow and move quickly to their positions, etc.

Once breaks are completed remove all broken tiles and boards as quickly as possible.

When all breaking is finished, ensure that they again face the Examiners and bow.


Grading - 1pm

Ensure the Examiners have a list of all the Black Belts including their ranks, and if they are junior or senior Black Belts.

At the beginning of the Grading, the Senior Black Belt will start the Grading

The Grading Organiser should welcome the Examiners, Supporters and Students.

Introduce the Examiners, then Instructors in order of Seniority.

Hand over to the Examiners.

Keep alert to all happening at the Grading should you be needed for anything.

During the Breaking part of Grading - make sure that the ice is nearby with plenty of towels to wrap it in.

Close the Grading after the Examiners have finished their speeches and presentations (if any).


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