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Courses 2010

Stripes 1 to 1

From 1 pm Satuday 13th to 1 pm Sunday 14th November 2010

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Conducted by Masters Davidson and Master McPhail and announcing our 2010 special guest: Master Peter Barbour - Perth. The 7th Annual Stripes 1 to 1 seminar is went bush again! We were - OUT IN THE STYX.

Stripes 1 to 1 is a chance for New Zealand's Senior Black Belts to get together, train together and plan for the future. This year as especially exciting with many new initiatives being approved at the Technical Advisor Group meeting on 13th November. More news soon...

What people said about this year's Stripes 1 to 1....

"Stripes 2010 will be remembered as a significant milestone in the history of ITFNZ." HB

"Thanks for a fantastic weekend".

"THANKS for a great weekend that re inspired me, and workig through some things which suited my circumstances much much better."

"Thank you for organising such a fantastic event. The opportunity to get together and standardise techniques, to discuss the future direction of our organisation and to continue to develop friendships among the seniors is invaluable."

"Thank you for a great weekend. It was my first Stripes 1-to-1, and I was so glad to be a part of it. For me the biggest thing I got out of it was seeing again the dedication and enthusiasm for the art that our senior group of instructors has for Taekwon-Do, even after being involved for such a long time. It reinforced for me how Taekwon-Do provides benefits that last a lifetime"

"A highlight of the year as always! I particularly enjoyed the physical training this year - the IIC standardisation as well as patterns. A good amount of training, too."

"I very much enjoyed training with other seniors and was highly impressed with the ability to hold discussions where people could hold very strong, completely opposing points of view, and yet still reach consensus through clear reasoning and politeness".

"Thanks for the kick in bum, I learnt Moon Moo when I got back...what a great pattern !" RK

"I loved the camaraderie of being with old friends; the training despite the soreness next day; the mountain and the venue. Even Gwyn’s snoring couldn’t detract anything from it." ML

Stripes 1 to 1 2010 Group Photo


Out in the Styx is nestled quietly in the heart of the Maungatautari, surrounded by 3500 hectares of 1000 year old virgin native bush, and the magnificent Maungatautari Mountain right on its doorstep...


Master Barbour, Master Davidson, Master McPhail, Master Bhana, Master Rimmer, Gwyn Brown, John Matsuoka, Peter Graham, Brendan Doogan, Rose Cherrington, Christine Young, Ian Campbell, Kevin Joe, Hayden Breese, Barry O'Donnell (aus), Vince Pygott, Mark Banicevich, Simon Mallinson, Mike Lowe, Andrew Salton, René Kunz, Darren Ward, Brett Kraiger, Ian Walton, Matthew Breen, Grant Eccles (Sat only), Steve Weston (aus), Steve Pellow, Lawrence Mantjika, Thu Thach. Registration page »

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