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Regionals: Counties Manukau 2017

Sunday 9th April 2017

Doors open 8.00am. 8.50am formup.
Organiser: Mrs Natasha Iotua


Best Overall Male Black Belt - Mr S Hakeagatoa DSP
Best Overall Female Black belt - Mrs M Timperley- Bray PMP
Best Overall Male Red Belt - Mr L Corbett CBR
Best Overall Female Red Belt - Miss A Perry PMP / Miss E Tuivaiti TRI
Best Overall Male Blue Belt - Mr M Holroyd JSM
Best Overall Female Blue Belt - Miss L Amituanai PMP
Best Overall Male Green Belt - Mr M Tupou DSP
Best Overall Female Green Belt - Miss M Amituanai PMP
Best Overall Male Yellow Belt - Mr G Jones JSM
Best Overall Female Yellow Belt - Miss A Fuataga TRI
Best Overall Male White Belt - Mr A Hipa DSP/ Mr F Briceno - Landaeta PMP / Mr M Fuataga TRI
Best Overall Female White Belt - Miss B Biddulph JSM

Doors open         8:00am
Umpires Meet:    8:30am
Form Up             8:50am
Organisers/Draw         Mr Wharerau / Mrs Iotua
Arbiter: Mr Thompson

Sparring - all ranks/all ages
Specialty - all ranks/all ages
Power punch - 12 yrs and under -
Power kick - 12 yrs and under
Power - 13yrs + Blue belt and above

Registrations Close 7 April 2017 5pm (late registrations if approved will occur at $20 penalty)
Organisers will merge/ alter draw at their discretion.




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