Star Series 2024

DATE: Sunday 14th April 2024

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, Tauranga (QEYC), 71  11th Ave Tauranga
Host: Silla and Hwa-Rang TKD, Midlands
Organiser: Sarah Grimes
Enter: Entry forms and more information

Important 2024 Updates

 This year at Star Series events and at Nationals:

  • as long as there are sufficient entries to allow it to happen, yellow belts and green stripes will spar in their own division (ie yellow belts and green stripes only).  Green belts and blue stripes will also have their own division (ie green belts and blue stripes only).  Blue belts to black stripes will continue to compete in one division as they do now.  Standard sparring rules apply to all divisions.  By allowing lower gup grades to spar only others of their own grade and experience, we hope that safety will be improved and more coloured belts will be encouraged to begin their tournament sparring career.
  • any sparring divisions that have 5 competitors or less entered will be carried out in round-robin format, possibly with shortened rounds depending on time constraints.
  • At Nationals, each region can enter TWO teams if they have the numbers – and juniors (ie 15-17 years) can be mixed with seniors to form a team if necessary.  However, team members will only be able to compete in the team they are registered in when entries close ie they cannot swap between teams from their region depending on the event, or if their other regional team makes the final and their team doesn’t!
  • In Pre-Arranged, each region will be able to enter TWO teams per division.


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