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Tournament Advisor Group

The following job description outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Tournament Advisor Group.  

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Tournament Advisor  

The Tournament Advisor will be appointed, on a biannual basis, by the Advisory Panel and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Appoint Tournament Advisor Group members in consultation with the Advisory Panel.
  • Coordinate, communicate, implement and manage Tournament Advisor Group decisions.
  • Liaise with the Advisory Panel and the Coaching & Selections Advisor Group.
  • Liaise with other parties as required.

Tournament Advisor Group

The Tournament Advisor Group is responsible to oversee and implement all areas of Tournaments for International Taekwon-Do. The Group should be made up of a panel of International Taekwon-Do members selected for their expertise in, but not limited to the following areas:

  • ITF Tournament Rules
  • Tournament Computer systems, in particular NESS.
  • Umpire Training
  • Event Management

Responsibilities of the Tournament Advisor Group

ITF Tournament Rules

  1. Ensure that the ITF Tournament rules are complied with.
  2. Establish and update any addendums as required in addition to the ITF Tournament rules to enable them to be workable at New Zealand tournaments.
  3. Give guidance to Members, Instructors, Coaches, Managers or Tournament Organisers where necessary on matters relating interpretation and implementation of tournaments rules.
  4. Provide guidelines for the wearing of the correct uniform and protective equipment.
  5. Approve or otherwise requests from members to attend outside tournaments.

Tournament Systems

  1. Provide standards for systems to be used in Regional and National Tournaments within New Zealand.
  2. Responsible for overseeing the development of Tournament Systems such as:

    - Online registration for competitors and officials
    - Photo ID with barcode
    - Online tournament management system (to manage competitor divisions, draws and live results)
    - Tournament registration and weigh-in system (using barcoded photo ID)
    - Using 3rd party technologies such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Blogging, and web-casting to    release live tournament information to the general public

  3. Update technologies to provide a better and more efficient way to run tournaments.
  4. Provide training and guidance in Tournament Computer systems in particular NESS system.
  5. Ensure all National Tournaments in New Zealand are run according to the established standards in terms of computer systems used.
  6. Ensure all National and Regional Tournaments (including any National Series Tournaments such as Under 18 Series) are run using the established draw systems to enable correct recording and publishing of results.
  7. Continuously look for innovative ways to organise tournaments using the available technologies, and supervise users during tournaments.

Umpire Training

  1. Ensure that only qualified members, who have passed the appropriate written and practical examinations, as set by the Tournament Advisor, shall officiate tournaments.
  2. Periodically review the standard of qualified Umpires, to maintain a consistent high standard nationally.
  3. Hold an umpires courses in major regions throughout the country as required.
  4. Ensure all members qualified as Umpires attend a refresher course at least once every three years to be reassessed by the Tournament Advisor Group.
  5. Provide guidelines for the wearing of the correct umpire uniform.
  6. Direct any member whom the Tournament Advisor considers below the required standard to be re-examined by the Tournament Advisor Group.

Event Management

  1. Provide written standards for Tournament Event management to ensure a consistent and professional standard of tournaments in New Zealand.
  2. Provide advice to Tournament Organisers in Event Management.
  3. Provide personnel to assist at National Championships to ensure a professionally run event.

Tournament Budget


  • The Tournament Advisor to prepare and submit an annual Budget to the CEO.
  • Liaise with the Tournament Advisor Group on how best to allocate the Budget so that the majority of members benefit from it.
  • Tournament Advisor will approve the final Budget prior to it being submitted to the CEO.
  • Any allocated funds from International Taekwon-Do will be held by the Organisation's Accounts Administrator and approval for funds to be released via the Tournament Advisor.

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