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President - Master Gray Patterson and all International Taekwon-Do schools and members


Appointed Board Members:

  • Mr Dennis Burns (Chairman)
  • Ms Elaine More
  • Ms Nicola Tse

Elected Board Members:

  • Master Mahesh Bhana
  • Master Mark Banicevich
  • Mr Nick Lorantos


  • CEO - Mr Mike Thompson
  • Operations Executive - Mr Shaun Tolley
  • Database Administrator and Finance - Mrs Shirley Pygott
  • Computer Consultant / Database Development - Mr Neil Breen
  • TKD Kubz Co-ordinator - Mrs Debbie Hart
  • Kiwisport Co-ordinator - Mr Peter Graham
  • Communications Coordinator - Ms Rachel Bates
  • Regional Directors:
    Auckland North - Mrs Michelle Cagney
    Counties Manukau - Mrs Natasha Iotua
    Midlands - Mr Mark Pettit
    Central Districts - Mr Graham Walse
    Wellington - Mr Craig Hannah
    South Island - Mrs Julie Mooney

Advisory Panel

Master Evan Davidson, Master Paul McPhail, Master Mahesh Bhana.

Advisor Groups

Technical Advisor Group

Technical Advisor & Chief Examiner
Master Paul McPhail (8th dan)

Master Evan Davidson (8th dan)
Master Rocky Rounthwaite (8th dan)
Master Mahesh Bhana (8th dan)
Master James Rimmer (8th dan)

Standards & Discipline Advisor Group

Standards & Discipline Advisor
Mrs Lena Walton

Mr John Matsuoka (AN)
Ms Fran Marshall (CM)
Mr Simon Mallinson (MD)
Mr Darren Andrews (CD)
Mrs Lena Walton (WN)
Dr Lorraine Eade (SI)

Tournament Advisor Group

Tournament Advisor
Mr Gwyn Brown

Mr Grant Eccles (Umpire Training)
Mr Darren Ward (Umpire Training)
Mrs Natasha Iotua (Tournaments)
Mrs Charlotte Blackwell (Tournaments)
Mr Dave Blackwell (IT & Tournaments)
Mr Scott Sutherland (IT & Tournaments)
Mr Brendan Doogan (Competitor/Umpire Liaison)
Mrs Debbie Hart (Umpire Training)


High Performance Advisor Group

High Performance Advisor
Mrs Young-Jasberg (6th dan)

Group Members:
Master Steve Pellow (7th dan)
Mr Luke Thompson (3rd dan)

The High Performance Advisory Group made the appointments for the period of two years (2018-19). 

Master Gray Patterson - Head Coach
Assistant Coaches: Master Lawrence Mantjika, Ms Suzanne Patterson, Ms Kara Timmer

Team Managers - Paula and Nathan Bowden

Other Personnel

Instructors' Induction Course leader
Mr Mike Lowe (4th dan)

Instructors' Update Course leader
Master Paul McPhail (8th dan)

Instructor Development Officers
(And Interim Instructors' Course leaders)

Master Mahesh Bhana (AN & CM)
Master James Rimmer (ML)
Master Gray Patterson (WG & SI)
Master Rocky Rounthwaite (CD)

Authorised New Zealand Examiners

Former Patron
The Late Honourable Sir David Lange

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