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Sparring Drills

December 2011

We are excited to announce the introduction of the new iTKD Sparring Drills in 2012. Sparring World Champion Carl van Roon has developed an eight level syllabus that covers all the basics of good sparring skills. It was further developed in consultation with Master McPhail and is now approved by the Technical Advisor Group.

The drills will be rolled out this February at the Update Courses, giving Instructors an extra set of tools to assist in the teaching of free sparring. Instructors will be provided with the written guide and those that attend the course will be given access to a private You Tube video of the complete syllabus.

Each of the eight levels progressively introduces new skills, then followed by creative semi-free drills that enable the student to practice in realistic scenarios. As the student shows competency in the drills they can be moved up to the next level.

Some of the skills / drills include:

  • Sparring adapted stances / orientations (highlighting the advantages of each)
  • Footwork to gain strategic advantage (cross-stepping, spinning, sliding etc)
  • Vital Defensive Skills (sparring adapted guarding blocks, covering, slipping etc)
  • Diverse Hand techniques (backfist, obverse vs. reverse punch, crescent and jumping punches etc)
  • Progressively Advanced Kicking techniques (Pump and consecutive kicks, Counter switch kicks etc)
  • Semi-Free Sparring Drills based on the most common scenarios encountered under competition pressure"

Apply to attend the Instructor Update Course now.

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