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13th ITF World Champs - Poland 2003

The Build-up  |  NZ Team


9 Men and 8 Women make up the 2003 New Zealand Team to compete at the ITF World Championships in Poland.

The Team are:

Alix Bartholomew
Kenny Chiang
Carolina Dillen
Rene Kunz 
Antje Hollaender
Hong Looi
Suzanne Main
Lewis Looi
Megan Matsuoka
Graeme Patterson
Alison Roma
Jarrad Ramsay
Thu Thach
Carl van Roon
Lena Walton
Jon Sawden
Cameron Snelling
Erin Boshier
Matthew Kiernan
Kim Bull
Richard Cotter
Andrew Niven
Lawrence Mantjika
(Assistant Coach)
Greg Skinner
Paul McPhail



1st Dan Patterns - Female Megan Matsuoka
1st Dan Patterns Female Reserve - Alix Bartholomew

2nd Dan Patterns - Female Thu Thach

3rd Dan Patterns - Female Lena Walton

Individual Power Female - Lena Walton
Individual Power Female Reserve - Alison Roma

Individual Special - Antje Hollaender
Individual Special Reserve - Carolina Dillen

Female Sparring

Micro - Thu Thach
Micro Reserve - None

Light - Carolina Dillen
Light Reserve - Toni Moki

Middle - Alix Bartholomew
Middle Reserve - Carolina Dillen

Heavy - Antje Hollaender
Heavy Reserve - None

Hyper - Alison Roma
Hyper Reserve - Erin Boshier

Female Team Event

Knife Hand - Lena Walton
Side Kick - Antje Hollaender
Turning - Alison Roma
Reserve Power - Alix Bartholomew

Overhead - Antje Hollaender
Turning - Alix Bartholomew
Flying High - Carolina Dillen
Reserve Special - Suzanne Main

Sparring and Patterns
Antje Hollaender
Alix Bartholomew
Carolina Dillen
Suzanne Main
Alison Roma
Lena Walton



1st Dan Patterns Male - Kenny Chiang
1st Dan Patterns Male Reserve - Carl van Roon

2nd Dan Patterns Male - Lewis Looi
2nd Dan Patterns Male Reserve - Cameron Snelling

3rd Dan Patterns Male - Hong Looi
3rd Dan Patterns Male Reserve - None

4th Dan Patterns Male - Graeme Patterson
4th Dan Patterns Male Reserve - Lawrence Mantjika

Individual Power Male - Graeme Patterson
Individual Power Male Reserve - Jon Sawden

Individual Special Male - Carl van Roon
Individual Special Male Reserve - Jon Sawden

Male Sparring

Micro - Kenny Chiang
Micro Reserve - None

Light - Lewis Looi
Light Reserve - Matthew Kiernan

Middle - Hong Looi
Middle Reserve - Shane Eade

Heavy - Carl van Roon
Heavy Reserve - Kim Bull

Hyper - Jarrad Ramsay
Hyper Reserve - Jamie Reti

Male Team Event

Forefist - Jon Sawden
Knife Hand - Cameron Snelling
Side Kick - Jarrad Ramsay
Turning - Rene Kunz
Reverse Turning Kick - Hong Looi

Overhead - Jarrad Ramsay
Turning - Jon Sawden
Flying High - Carl van Roon
Reverse Turning - Cameron Snelling
Mid Air - Hong Looi

Sparring and Patterns
Jarrad Ramsay
Carl van Roon
Hong Looi
Cameron Snelling
Rene Kunz
Jon Sawden

Male Team Reserve - Richard Cotter


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