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Black Belt Gradings

Wellington 11-12 December 2021

Grading number: 160
Wellington East Girls College Sports Centre, 131 Austin Street Mount Victoria.
Host: Berhampore TKD
Organisers: Ian and Lena Walton
Examiners: Master Rocky Rounthwaite and Master Gray Patterson (Assistant: Mr Darren Ward)

Note: Candidates will need to bring a laptop, tablet or smart phone to the theory part of the grading. See here for more information. There is Wifi available but suggest you have your own data as back up.

Update: 3 December 2021,

Vaccination Update

Wellington East Girls College have advised they will not have unvaccinated people on their premises. This is in line with the Ministry of Education updated guidelines which follows the Covid Prevention Framework.

"Non-curriculum related events may only go ahead if a vaccination certificate is required. If bringing others on site, including parents and caregivers, any general rules for events applicable at the time will apply." Sources: here and here

This means everyone will be required to present their My Vaccine Pass for scanning prior to entering the Venue.

There is no limit to the number of people who can attend, so all Gradee’s, Supporters and Marshalls are welcome provided they have their My Vaccine Pass.

Live streaming will still happen for those unable to attend.

Unvaccinated Gradee’s

Sport NZ classifies martial arts under the definition of a gym. To operate in orange and red levels gyms must request vaccine passes.

Everyone is to confirm whether you will be attending or not attending the upcoming Dan Grading in Wellington. Those not attending will have their Grading Applications for the 11th & 12th December placed On Hold, to be reactivated once you are able to Grade.

What the results mean

Applications Open
Applications Closed
Applicants' confirmed
Grading completed
Comments written
Entered in
Final check
by examiners



  Name Club ReqRk Result
Kees Hooper-Whiti Phoenix Taekwon-Do -3  
Ben Linstone Berhampore TKD -3  
Wei Ren Courage TaeKwon-Do -3  
Simon Williams Khandallah TKD -3  
Brittany Young Khandallah TKD -3  
Margot Bawden RTR Taekwon-Do -2  
Bob Brown Mosgiel TKD -2  
Marco Costa Berhampore TKD -2  
Thomas Meyer Kapiti Coast TKD -2  
Brenda Snow Phoenix Taekwon-Do -2  
Georgia Vogt Berhampore TKD -2  
Kyla Walton Berhampore TKD -2  
Kaiti Akavi-Paiti Courage TaeKwon-Do -1  
Lisa Artmann Berhampore TKD -1  
Megan Curran Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Millie Devine Spirit Taekwon-Do Kelburn -1  
Ruby Devine Spirit Taekwon-Do Kelburn -1  
Jonathan Devine Spirit Taekwon-Do Kelburn -1  
Drew Gilmour Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Stella Hansen Mosgiel TKD -1  
Jason Harding Mosgiel TKD -1  
Ryan Henare Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Shirley Hooper-Whiti Phoenix Taekwon-Do -1  
William Horvath RTR Taekwon-Do -1  
Neel Khalate Khandallah TKD -1  
John MacCormick Spirit Taekwon-Do Kelburn -1  
Jennah Mexted Khandallah TKD -1  
Peter Morton-Jones Master D iTKD Cambridge -1  
Kevin Naylor Kapiti Coast TKD -1  
Cammie Sanson Berhampore TKD -1  
Matt Smith Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Hamish Smith Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Blake Smith Dragons Spirit Wanganui -1  
Kate Taylor Kapiti Coast TKD -1  
Jacob Thomas RTR Taekwon-Do -1  
Martienus van de Wiel Berhampore TKD -1  
Robert Way Spirit Taekwon-Do Kelburn -1  
Amelia Williams Khandallah TKD -1  
James Woolf-Ben-Avraham Spirit Taekwon-Do Newlands -1  

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