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General Choi Cup

Eight members of the PNTA, along with students from Wellington, South Island, and Auckland traveled to Sydney recently to compete in the General Choi Memorial Cup.

The tournament was held at the Olympic Park. Around 160 competitors took part in the competition with some fantastic individual results from this side of the Tasman. The day ran smoothly and to time! With only twelve months until the next General Choi Cup, planning is already on paper to take more students next year.

Tournament Photos and Results

Junior Patterns
1st Mathew Kawelmacher (ITFA)
2nd Chanel Ramplin (Tam)

Colour Belt Adults
1st Ivan Tan (Tam)
2nd Inger Hagan (Tam)

Male Open Black Belt Patterns
1st Moustapha El-Sheike (ITFA)
2nd Daniel Caruana (United)

Female Open Black Belt
1st Joanna Kruk (United)
2nd Leanne Vuong (United)

Male Jnr Pee Wee
1st Shaun Borg (JTI)
2nd Adam Rifai (ITFA)

Male Pee Wee
1st Leslie Parkes (ITFA)
2nd Ben Watkins (ITFA)

Female Pee Wee
1st Samantha Faddoul (JTI)
2nd Alexandra Catterson (ODK)

Male Pee Wee Heavyweight
1st Trent Hayden (ITFA)
2nd Scott Muldoon (ITFA)

Male Snr Pee Wee
1st Jared Christie (ITFA)
2nd Judd Gerrrard (Tam)

Male Jnr Colour Microweight
1st Lukasz Dziedziczak (United)
2nd Mark Thomas (ITFNZ)

Female Jnr Colour Microweight
1st Hayley Grieve (RTR)
2nd Julie Rosser (RTR)

Male Colour Microweight
1st Bernard Tan (Tam)
2nd Ivan Tan (Tam)

Female Colour Lightweight
1st Mimi Duong (United)
2nd Hannah Warren (ITFNZ)

Male Colour Heavyweight
1st Ing Geummeng Lor (United)
2nd Daniel Turner (ITFA)

Female Colour Hyperweight
1st Kate Doutney (Tam)
2nd Katy Breakwell (ITFA)

Female Jnr Lightweight
1st Samantha Nicholls (United)
2nd Paigan Hayden (ITFA)

Male Jnr Colour Heavyweight
1st Joshua Campbell (Tam)
2nd Aaron Langston (ITFA)

Male Jnr Colour Hyperweight
1st Luke Mottee (Tam)
2nd Peter Ognjenovic (United)

Male Colour Hyperweight
1st Ben Palmer (Tam)
2nd Peter Zachowoski (United)

Male Jnr Black Belt Microweight
1st Peter Evans (ITFA)
2nd Jordan Cooper (RTR)

Male Jnr Black Belt Heavyweight
1st Daniel Caruana (United)
2nd Jake Bassard (ITFA)

Female Black Belt Lightweight
1st Carlie Dann (RTR)
2nd Alicia Yates (ITFNZ)

Male Black Belt Middleweight
1st Thomas Young (ITFNZ)
2nd Evan Piper (United)

Male Black Belt Heavyweight
1st Taso Kollis (United)
2nd David Ballard (ITFNZ)

Female Black Belt Heavyweight
1st Joanna Kruk (United)
2nd Nikki Galpin (ITFNZ)

Female Black Belt Hyperweight
1st Rebecca Kollis (United)
2nd Kathleen Rosser (RTR)

Male Black Belt Hyperweight
1st Paul Harper (ITFA)
2nd Michael McPherson (JTI)

Male Black Belt
1st Charles Van Beelan (RTR)
2nd Rene Kunz (ITFNZ)

Female Black Belt
1st Carlie Dann (RTR)
2nd Sylvia Jensen (RTR)

1st Jace Hayden (ITFA)
2nd Ben Watkins (ITFA)

Male Adult Colour
1st Lukasz Dziedziozak (United)
2nd Peter Ognjenevic (United)

Female Adult Colour
1st Samantha Nicholls (United)
2nd Mimi Duong (United)

Male Black Belt
1st Taso Kollis (United)
2nd AJ Bryant (RTR)

Female Black Belt
1st Nikki Galpin (ITFNZ)
2nd Joanna Kruk (United)


The second General Choi Cup in Sydney is looking to be a MAJOR event. The Palmerston North TKD Academy are planning to take a large contingent. Messers Rimmer and McPhail will be in attendance.

DATE: March 20th and 21st 2004

VENUE: Olympic State Sports Centre
Sydney Arena Homebush Bay Drive,
Homebush Sydney

ORGANISERS: ITF Australia (ITFA) PO Box 518 Parramatta NSW 2124 Australia Tel/Fax: +61 2 9896 4500

Schedule of Events

Saturday 20th March

Sunday 21st March


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