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ITF World Cup

October 26-29, 2006 - Benidorm, Spain

ITF World Cup in Spain     Pictures

From Master Mcphail, Last Day of the Tournament:

The 2nd World Cup is over.

The finals were very exciting with an amazing display by all the competitors. It was great to watch around 20 Pre-Arranged Sparring teams do their thing, all the team event finals and of course the individual sparring finals.

The prize giving started in the morning and then continued at the end.. for about 2 hours. Nice medals. 
There were over 100 categories! 
A few awards and speeches and it was over. 
It was a very festive, fun time at the end... and I think everyone was happy with what turned out to be a great event.

Many exausted umpires gave the party a miss (me), while others (Mark) partied hard...returning at 5.30am this morning. Lots of goodbyes over breakfast this morning as most people departed the hotel.

An amazing tournament...the biggest International tournament in the history of the ITF. But they predict Canada next year will be bigger...

From Master Mcphail, Day 2 of the Tournament:

Just finished day 2 of competition...6 hours straight with two 5 minute breaks!

Can't tell you much about who is winning what...the tournament is huge and it is just a blur. 
My main division today was split across 4 rings to save time. Standard is very high... fast fighters!

Must go ...congress soon. 

From Master Mcphail, Day 1 of the Tournament:

On our way back to the hotel after a very challenging day. As you know we are short staffed plus we are dealing with 800 competitors . . . And today there were lots of kids divisions. We got there in the end.

We could certainly have done with the Breens today! Problems with the my ring we had a division of about 60 2nd dans...and got to the last 16 before we realised a competitor was not in the draw! Panic until Master Marano came to the rescue. They have great experience in solving these kind of problems. Many stories to tell.

Mr Banicevich was in another ring and did some centre refereeing.

Opening ceremony was great...200 kids doing a demo, Spanish dancing...

Tonight dinner with Masters then it will be 1am before we get to bed...6.30am start tomorrow

From Master Mcphail, a marathon TXT after having lots of problems getting on the internet :

The 3 day leadership seminar was great. There was a group of 15 of us from 10 different countries, who spent a lot of time together & have become good friends. It was a mix of physical & discussions, ideas about growth & strategy, hearing about other countries etc.

The "do" seminar was yesterday. Was full on - much more in depth than I expected. Heavy going... challenging in many ways and very well done.

This morning (Thursday) was the umpires meeting. We are short of umpires... around 50, which will be hard for 800 competitors, in 7 rings.

The excitement is really building now, as the hotel is invaded by teams from 40 countries. Teams are training by the pool...and we are catching up with many  old friends...Master Nunez, Mr Yamamoto, Mr Niven etc.

We have been talking to everyone about our bid to host the 2011 World Champs...and have received good suggestions to improve our bid. All have been very positive.

Ok, my thumb hurts so must go. Wish us luck for our first 5 hour shift in the morning. This tournament is BIG, everyone is here, it will be amazing. 

Our men in Spain attend a Sparring class with Master Clint Norman
a class on strategy with Master Tran, and the Do seminar                       Seminar pix

From Mr Banicevich

We are having a great time in Spain. The leadership camp is going very well. The physical parts are fantastic. From the theory parts we are getting good information.

One of the topics yesterday involved organising a World Championships, so we took the opportunity to bring up our bid with the 15 participants. We handed out the brief bid proposal, and had some superb discussions.
Today is the last day of the leadership camp. Tomorrow is the 'Do' seminar. 
Then the tournament begins. Over 800 competitors.


Photos from Spain.
  Master McPhail and Mr Banicevich have safely arrived in Benidorm. This is on the east coast of Spain,  looking out onto the Mediterranean.

More Pix

Now it is Sunday night in NZ, Sunday morning is dawning in Spain - and the first day of the ITF Leadership Camp.

The Second ITF World Cup is being held in Benidorm, Spain. ITFNZ is sending Master Paul McPhail and Mr Mark Banicevich to attend the Championships to take part in the following:

  • Both Master McPhail and Mr Banicevich have been accepted as official Umpires for the World Cup. This will give ITFNZ more valuable experience at international level umpiring.
  • To attend a three day ITF Leadership camp. The objective of this Leadership Camp is to develop skills which will support a strong development of ITF in each country and promote full-time career of teaching ITF-TKD.
  • To attend a workshop on the teaching of the "Do". This workshop is a six hour training session using outlines, forms, demonstrations and hands-on experience.
  • Attend the ITF Special Congress meeting as ITFNZ's representatives.
  • Take the opportunity to meet with as many ITF officials as possible to promote ITFNZ's bid to host the 2011 ITF World Champs.
  • Attend Training Camp given by Tomaz Barada (3 times sparring World Champion).

Master McPhail and Mr Banicevich leave on 19 October, returning 5 November 2006.

ITF World Cup
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