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Oceania Championships 2002

Canberra, Australia

Mark Trotter

1st - Male BB special techniques
1st - Male 3rd/4th dan patterns
1st - Male BB Power
2nd - Sparring - up to 60 kg BB 1st to 4th dan

Toni Moki
1st - Female BB Special Techniques
2nd - Sparring Female up to 70 kg BB 1st to 4th dan
3rd - Female BB Power
3rd - Female BB Patterns 2nd and 3rd dan

Raewyn Coburn
1st 10th - 5th gup patterns

Mark Trotter! - click this one to enlarge

Master Michael Daher hosted Mr McPhail, Toni and Mark. including a tour of Sydney. Thanks to Master Daher!

Master Leong conducting the Umpires course

Singapore students at the Umpires course

Trish and Rocky Rounthwaite with Mr McPhail out for tea.

On the bus from Hotel to Venue

Kiwis in black

Master Daher, Master Leong and Mr McPhail

Form up

Toni Moki in an early bout

Toni in finals

Mark in patterns

...and sparring

Mark receiving treatment for cut eyelid

Aussie girls

Organiser and World Champion - Scott Bower

Toni and Raewyn - happy after it's all over.

Mark Trotter receiving trophy

The Kiwis


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