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GOLD [11]

Helen Caley (P)
Don Leong (P)
Melissa Timperley (P)
Sonya Robinson (P)
Jeremy Hanna (P)
Carolina Dillen (P)
Sonya Robinson (S)
Luke Thompson and
Mark Trotter (Pre-Sp)
Hanna Kendall (S)
Don Leong (side k)
Don Leong (high k)


Hanna Kendall (high k)
Mark Trotter (P)
Carolina Dillen (S)
Mera Horton (S)
Hayden Anderson (S)


Phillipa Henry (P)
Hanna Kendall (P)
Mera Horton (P)
Wayne Tureia Snr (S)
Courtney Meleisea (S)
Claire Kendal (S)
Michael Davis (S)


ITF World Cup

October 15-19, 2008 - Riva Del Garda, Italy

The tournament is over. Congratulations to all the ITFNZ members that did us proud!

A huge thanks to Mr Doug Hanna for providing such amazing updates under what we are sure were trying conditions. Read all his updates by clicking on his photo below.

Mr Doug Hanna's News & Photos of the Kiwis

General Photo updates (for ITF Website) (Thanks also to Mr Doug Hanna)

Updates on the Europe website




Sonya Robinson

Don Leong
BEST OVER-ALL MALE 46 and over



Courtney Meleisea - Bronze in Sparring
Claire Kendal - Bronze in Sparring


Luke Thompson and
Mark Trotter

NEWS JUST IN [8am NZ time, 19 Oct]

Don Leong 2 Golds in Special Technique (high kick and side kick) (bringing his total to 3 golds!)

Michael Davis Bronze in Sparring.

NEWS JUST IN [10pm NZ time, 18 Oct]

Day 3 off to a fantastic start: Mark and Luke take Gold in Pre-arranaged Free Sparring, Hanna Kendall Gold in sparring and Hayden Anderson SILVER in sparring.

Some snippets of an email from Mr Pellow to Master McPhail:

Well another day is over and what a day - they sure know we are here. As I said, these guys are putting on the best performances of their lives. Melissa looked stunning. I was so proud of her - you must be too. And Sonya - I told you she was my big hope and she hasn't stopped smiling all day - two golds.

Although Mark himself didn't do as well as he wanted, the Impact clubs performance is a credit to him the countless hours of work they have all put in - that certainly showed today. Couldn't get to second everyone a few times - and we have been beaten by the draw at times too. The venue hasn't got any bigger - it is tight with no warm up areas. Contact is great - on the higher side of light but no stopping because somebody touches the opponent.

It's time for bed roll on tomorrow





Today’s Gold Medals:

Melissa – patterns - Gold
Sonya – patterns - Gold
Jeremy – patterns - Gold
Carolina – patterns –Gold
Don – special technique side-kick –Gold
Sonya – sparring –Gold

Today’s other medals:

Mark Trotter – patterns – Silver
Carolina – sparring – Silver
Mera – sparring – Silver
Wayne Senior – sparring – Bronze


Today’s Gold Medals:

Helen Caley
Patterns -Gold

Don Leong
Patterns -Gold

Today’s other medals:

Hanna Kendall
Special Technique - Silver

Hanna Kendall
Patterns - Bronze

Mera Horton
Patterns - Bronze

Phillipa Henry
Patterns - Bronze



[10 pm] BREAKING NEWS - Melissa Timperley and Sonya Robinson win GOLD in their patterns divisions.

[17.10.08] From Mr Pellow

Everyone has done well - putting in, in some cases the best performances I have seen them do.

Micheal Davis places 12 or so out of 99 - the guy that beat him went on to win. Philipa got third - should have been 2nd, but like Micheal was beaten by the draw. Hayden from Papatoetoe got 4th out of 78 and Don Leong won his patterns as did Helen. Paige got all the way to the round before the semis just like she did in Canada.

Everyone made their weight including Toni. Mera Houghton got 3rd. Hanna Kendal pulled one out of the bag in Special. Mel, Courtney and all the guns tomorrow - it will be a big day for us I am sure.

Venue is a good size for 300 people but is crazy with 1500 plus cant move - barriers up all round the rings no gates so you have to climb over them to compete. Waited 4 hours to weigh in - one set of scales but did buy another set later in the morning.

A great day - they know we are here. More of the same tomorrow I hope.


Update from the Manager - 16 June 2008:

Many of the ITFNZ team have made their own travel arrangements - thanks. Could all people intending on traveling with Mr Steve Pellow & Chris Henry please email me with the details, eg number of seats required & if they intend on staying on with us by 20/06/06.

The plan at this point is to leave on the 10th October & return 25/26 th October with a couple of days sightseeing after the World Cup. We will require Passport details as well eg  full name that is on the passport (as we require correct spelling they can send us a copy of their passport if they wish).

Thank you

Mrs Chris Henry - Manager



Next training Saturday 26th April 2-4 pm for all those going to Italy.

Venue: Paul M Papakura. $1 donation to cover hall cost.

Mr Steve Pellow




Thank you to all those who attended the training and meeting held on 8th March 2008.

The meeting covered the following points:

  • The World Cup is open to anyone, blue belt and above, however it should be noted that it is an international competition and you should be well prepared for it.
  • Rules for the World Cup are available on the ITF Website here. Please read them. Also read Information bullettin.
  • We would like to travel together as a team to Italy. We have received several quotes, all around $2600. We will look over the quotes and try and choose the best one in terms of price / stop overs / internal travel and so on. After the tournament, you are free to holiday and make your own way back to New Zealand.
  • If you wish to make your own travel arrangements that's fine, but we would like to enter all competitors as one team from ITFNZ and have the oranisers arrange our accommodation.
  • Auckland based Training sessions are being organised by Mr Pellow and dates for these will be announced on the page soon.
  • We are lookingin ideas for a team jacket / shirt. Any ideas please let us know.

We now need to start getting a list of names together of those intending travelling to Italy. Please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM now and watch this page as we publish the list of names.

Thank you.

Mrs Chris Henry | Mr Steve Pellow



A meeting is called by all those ITFNZ members intending participating in the ITF World Cup.

Saturday 8th March 2008
3.00 - 5.00 pm
Paul M Papakura

There will be a short training session first, followed by a meeting. Family members welcome of course. THose out of Auckland or if you can not make this meeting, please let Mrs Henry know so you can be forwarded all the information in the future. Please spread the work.. and don't forget your dobok.


We are please to announce that Mrs Chris Henry has accepted the position of Manager for the Kiwis competing at the World Cup. Mrs Henry will be co-ordinating travel, accommodation and entries for those that require it. Please contact Mrs Henry if you are intending competing at the World Cup: dccbsp@xtra. Ph Ph: 09 298 7231 or mob: 027 221 0570.

It is not compolsory to travel all together as a team, as some clubs may wish to do their own thing. However, please keep in touch with Mrs Henry so she knows what your arrangements are and who is going.

Here is the latest information from the organisers:

Information bullettin | Invitation | Event Schedule


There is a lot of interest in the 2008 World Cup. We have a number of updates about the tournament but as yet these are un-confirmed. Please check back here over the next few weeks for more details.

Please also note that according to the rules published on the ITF website, the tournament is open to 12 year olds and older, blue belt and above. Any members under the age of 18 would have to be accompanied by their parent or caregiver.

Anyone intending attending the 2008 World Cup must at least compete in the Oceanias to qualify. You can enter for the Oceans now here.

Proposed changes to rules for 2008 World Cup:

  • Special Techniques will be added to the competition including a new event - flying high side kick
  • to reduce the competition floors to 8x8 meters
  • to change the optional pattern to designated pattern in the eliminations


Members from ITFNZ are attending the 3rd ITF World Cup. Competitors must be blue belt and above and can compete in patterns, sparring and pre-arranged free sparring. Note that the team is not a "New Zealand Team", as anyone can enter, regardless of experience or ability. Those competing will represent ITFNZ. The tournament is an event where many "clubs" or "organisations" enter, often many from each Country. The tournament is a great experience for those who are serious about competition.


Mr Steve Pellow has been appointed Coach of the ITFNZ team to travel to Italy for the ITF World Cup 2008.

There will be no compulsory training sessions leading up to the World Cup, however Mr Pellow will no doubt have extra sessions closer to the time for those that want to take part. The coaching role is more to support those competing at the actual competititon, seconding and offering coaching advice. Other Instructors are free to also coach their own members before and during competition.

Grant from Minister of Sport & Recreation

Those attending are already off to a good start, receiving $2000 from Mr Trevor Mallard. Download Letter.



Riva Del Garda - Sports Profile | Riva Del Garda

Reva Del Garda


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