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International Taekwon-Do Australian Open


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Catherine Bowness
2nd junior girls lgt/mdlwght sparring

Chanthie Thath
1st junior girls hvyweight sparring
3rd female team sparring
2nd female team power breaking
3rd female team patterns

Cori-Jean Topia
1st womans red belt patterns
1st junior girls lgt/mdlwght sparring
3rd female team sparring
2nd female team power breaking 3rd female team patterns

Dan Jackson 1st mens team patterns

Devon Pittman
3rd mens 2 dan patterns

Estelle Speirs
3rd female team sparring
2nd female team power breaking
3rd female team patterns
3rd female red belt junior sparring

Johnny Ormsby
2nd - Power
3rd - Special Technique
1st mens team patterns
2nd Team Power

Jon Sawden
1st mens speciality
1st mens team patterns
2nd mens team power

Josh Parker
1st junior male red belt patterns
1st junior male red belt sparring

Mark Trotter 1st mens team patterns
1st 3rd dan patterns

Nicola Tse
3rd female team sparring
2nd female team power breaking
3rd female team patterns
3rd female heavyweight sparring
2nd female red belt patterns

Nikki Galpin 1st female special technique
3rd female 1st dan sparring
2nd female power breaking

Richard Cotter
1st mens team patterns

Sarah McCardle
1st female hyperweight sparring

Steve Morris
1st mens team patterns

Thu Thath
3rd female microweight sparring
1st female power breaking
1st female 2nd dan patterns
3rd female team sparring
2nd female team power breaking
3rd female team patterns

First photos from Brisbane:

Dan JacksonSteve Morris
Mark TrotterJon Sawden
Richie Cotter

UPDATE 19 Oct 2003

Johnny - Silver, Power
Men's Team - Gold in Patterns, Silver in Power
Women's Team - Silver in Power, Bronze in Patterns & Sparring

(4 to 6 teams in each event)

UPDATE 18 Oct 2003

[Jon Sawden txt messages]

Josh - GOLD, Junior Hyper sparring
Dan - SILVER sparring
Chanthie - GOLD sparring (big division)
Josh - GOLD Patterns
Nicola - Bronze Sparring
Jon - GOLD Special Techniques
Ritchie - Silver Special Techniques
Johnny Ormsby - Bronze, Special Techniques

UPDATE 16 Oct 2003

Just a quick update from Brisbane on Thursday morning Aussie time. Most of us have arrived (except for Chanted - note to future ITFNZ members traveling overseas....check passport expiry date!!).

Trained late yesterday for an hour or so to get used to the heat, 75 americans arrive today (9 masters), some of us meeting up with them tonight for dinner.

Grading has been moved until later on Friday (5pm) rather than 9am. So we won't be able to get results and photos back until Sat morning NZ time but will txt and phone calls Friday night.

Not much else to report, apart from the mother of all spiders next to the swimming pool, and that Mr R hasn't found any decent Led Zep CD's yet.

GrantE, JRV

Hi all team members.

Thanks to those who have sent me their flight details. The rest of you please hurry up and send them to me so I can organise pickups for you, or you will have to find your own way to the motel when you arrive!

Attached is the Entry Form, Medical Form, and Disclaimer you will need to fill out and send to me along with the entry fee. The medical form will be going overseas along with your entry form, however I will be taking a copy as well so that I can also inform relatives in the case of an emergency, so please fill in all areas. Please also include any medical information that I need to be aware of in case of an emergency.

You will notice there is a section on the entry form for team events, please leave this blank as your coaches will fill this one in when they have decided who is in the teams events.

In the address field, please leave this blank, as well as the organiser/Instructor, ph numbers, etc fields as I will do this for you

Notice that you don’t have to sign this form, and you can also order a T-Shirt, although I advise you to try before you buy when we get there.

Tick the individual events you want to enter, and leave the team events section blank.

Do Not send your forms overseas, send them to me at:

Gwyn Brown
(ITAO Team Manager)
15 Dunrobbin Pl

The disclaimer form must be filled in and signed by your guardian if you are younger than 18 at the date of the tournament.

You have until the 31st August 2003 to get your completed forms to me. Please don’t delay and send them at the last minute. At the moment the exchange rate works out to be about $86 per person. I also need a small extra amount to cover the currency transfer charge, so please make out your cheques to Tauranga TKD Club for $90. Any extra amount left over will of course be refunded.

Right, to rooming. We have enough beds for everyone on the following list which is good news. The motel is only booked until the Monday Night (20th October), so if you are staying on afterwards you will have to sort out your own accommodation. If you would like me to see if any of the rooms can be booked for longer, let me know this week and I will contact Mr Birch. I see that some of you have later flights so please let me know what you are doing so I can help out if needed. If you want to stay on down in Surfers, let me know as I have a contact for billeting etc if required.

Here’s the rooming list:

I have put 3 in a room where I can because it’s cheaper for you, except where families are going together.

Shaun & Trudi
Gray, Barb, & Alana
Chanthie, Thu, Catherine
Sarah, Estelle, Nikki
Dan, Johnny, Josh
Steve, Grant, Mark
Debbie & Paul Trotter
James, Chris, & Gwyn
Devon, Matt, Ritchie
Jeanette, Cilla

We have some extra rooms still available if anyone wants one on their own, but it will cost you. I hate doing rooming lists, you never please everyone, however we are all adults so I know there will be no problems.

If you know of anyone that is not on this list for a bed, they need to email me or ring me immediately.

Either Work 07 5715131, Home 07 5786680, or Mobile 025 587871

If anyone wants the insurance contact I have from Mrs Debbie Trotter, please get in touch. This is in case you require medical treatment while in Australia, including tournament injuries. If you don’t know whether you are covered by the reciprocal NZ/Australian medical agreement, then please get in touch with your travel agent.

There are 61 American competitors, with another 40+ accompanying them. All but 2 of the 15 or so Australian TKD organisations will be sending teams, so it will be a big event, I am looking forward to seeing all of you bringing something home.

Gwyn Brown

[Update to Team members - 28 July]

I spoke to both Dan Jackson and Chris Fitzgerald, your coaches, over the weekend. They will be looking at the members for the teams events soon and getting in touch with you.

What I need now are the individual events that you are planning on entering. I also need ALL your phone numbers where I can get hold of you, both during the day and the evening. (cell phone numbers are great!)

I need your flight details for those that have booked, both going over and coming back, with Airline, Date of departure and times both leaving and coming back. If you want to be picked up from the airport, then let me know as we have been offered a ride by the Australians from the airport, although with the netball and the rugby, this may change! There are some people that are staying on, and we also have some younger members that will need a hand through customs etc, and I can’t be in 2 places at once, although this morning I wish I were!

Please, email me this week with all your information etc so I can work out all the details to make our trip easier.

Airline info, what events you are entering, phone details.

Gwyn Brown

Hello all,

It was great to meet and talk to most of you at the Nationals over the weekend. We certainly have some very talented and committed people coming to Australia.

I would like to give a big thanks to Dan Jackson for helping the guys in Auckland with Airfares, training etc, I just don’t have the time at the moment with work being so busy, so thanks Dan.

There is a meeting in Ack for those that can make it at 140b Great South Rd, Takanini at 1pm on this Sunday, to talk about training, airfares etc organised by Dan.

I have asked Mr Birch about having a coloured belt team, and he is talking to the Americans, who are organising the event, so I will wait to hear back from him on that one. But bear in mind that there might not be enough time to run extra events like this.

I have also asked him to book an extra 4 rooms, which should mean another 12 beds as we have run out of bedding room already as you can see below. At the moment we only have 9 rooms. If you are not on the list below and should be for a bed, email me back and let me know please. Especially you guys in Auckland that Dan is organising.

Grant Eccles, Steve McQuillan, Mark Trotter
Graham Patterson & Barb Inglis, Alana Inglis
Chris Fitzgerald, Dan Jackson, Josh Parker
Gwyn & Melany Brown
James & Sandy Rimmer
Sarah McCardle, Estelle Spiers, Nikki Galpin, 12 yr old Friend
Shaun Skedgwell & Trudie Malone
Thu Thath, Thu’s sister?,
Cilla Brown, Toni Moki, Jeanette Jo (from thurs)
Paul & Debbie Trotter
Mr Fitzgerald will be contacting Dan soon to discuss how we are going to work the team events, and I have asked Mr Birch to explain what the A & B means with the teams events.

We have been invited to join the Americans on a river cruise dinner for the Sat night, which might be a great idea. I am not sure of the price yet, but again you will all know when I do!

How many people have contacted Sarah for chocolate fundraising, not many I think? If you want to make your trip a little cheaper, then this is a great and easy way to do it. Get the other members in your club to help you with this, I am sure you would do the same thing for them.

Please start having a look at what you want to enter. We have the luxury unlike the world champs members of being able to enter as many people as we want into each event, something I find a little strange as I think you will be competiting with each other a lot, but there you go.

I do have some information on the grading, which Mr Birch has informed me will be approximately 2 ½ hours worth on the Friday morning. He is still confirming details and the place of the grading, which I can only assume is somewhere other than the venue.

If anyone has any ideas on a team uniform, please feel free to take on this project. At the moment we have nothing, and I would like to have something so we do look like a team. It’s more professional and makes us all think more professional. I will be asking for funds from a few sources, pub charity and a couple of others that I can think of that we have had some success with before. I will keep you all posted as to how this goes.

Ok, that’s all I think. Welcome to Catherine & Josh, 2 more who are joining us. Nikki, can you please let me know more about your 12 yr old from Marton?


Gwyn Brown
(Team manager, Brisbane 2003)



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