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Taupo Camps

Neil Breen's photos of the January Camp »

Doug Hanna's photos of the Trials »

For many years the New Zealand Team has trailed, trained and been selected at Taupo College, Spa Road, Taupo. In recent times the invitation has been extended to others to attend the camps as a way to develop up and coming athletes.

These camps are run by the current New Zealand Coaches and are not to missed for those interested in tournaments.

The schedule of Taupo Camps for 2010 is as follows:

  • Feb 26th - 28th Development Camp Taupo 
  • May 7th - 9th World champs camp Taupo 
  • June 18th - 20th World Champs camp Taupo 
  • August 20th - 22nd Trials Taupo $100 trials
  • September 17th - 19th trials Taupo $100 trials
  • October 15th - 17th World Champs camp Taupo 
  • December 3rd - 5th World Champs camp Taupo 
  • January 7 - 9th World Champs camp Taupo 
  • February 11 - 13th World Champs camp Taupo 

Photos of the camp June 2008 by Mr Doug Hanna


Photos from the first morning of the camp


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