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National Training Camp 2016


The 2016 International Taekwon-Do National Camp is to be held at Tui Ridge Park in Rotorua, 29-31 January 2016. Open to all Ranks and ages!


But it's not too late to have a training with our special guest Master Mark Hutton from Scotland. See his seminar details here  »

There will also be a Senior Dan Grading held on Friday 29th January 2016 - details »
NB Instructors/seniors: No need to bring suits - dobok only required at grading.


We can not divulge all the programme... but we can tell you it includes:

  • Master Class by Master Mark Hutton on Street Self Defence!
  • Split classes on patterns, step sparring and Self Defence by our New Zealand Masters

COST includes training, accommodation AND food!

Shared Cabin - $130 per person (must be in group of 4) limited to 14 Cabins (SOLD OUT)
Dorm Room Bunk - $145 per person (plenty left)
Own bedding must be supplied for Cabins and Dorm Bunks

YOU MUST PAY NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE - $145 per person. This includes the late registration fee
Please use surname and camp16 as reference with payment): ITKD Event Account 12-3035-0746009-02.

Open to all Ranks and ages!

Children under the age of 10 must have an assigned adult as their supervisor. This adult can be a fellow club member who is attending camp, or parents are welcome to register for the camp and stay on-site as well (same cost).

What to Bring
Doboks ( bring a few if you have them)
Your belt ( there will be  a 100 push up penalty for anyone who forgets their belt... maybe )
Sparring gear if you have it
Drink Bottle
Book and pen ( to take notes if you wish)
Bedding ( this will be required in Dorm and cabins)
Toiletries and towel
Cookies or cake to share at morning and afternoon teas ( but not too much)
Warm clothes
Lots of smiles

Reminder : Tui Ridge park has an alcohol and smoke-free policy


4:00 pm  Camp Students Arrive

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm  Senior Dan Grading (closed session)
6:00 pm    Senior Dan Grading (open session)

Camp Starts Saturday 7:00 am
Camp Finishes Sunday 1:00 pm


The previous national camp was in 2012 (also at Tui Ridge). The camp organiser is Mr Craig Hannah.

Dorm accomodation

Cabin accommodation

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