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Current Technical Seminars

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Members of the Technical Advisor Group regularly run seminars around New Zealand for the benefit of all members. Regions and Schools can invite any member of the Technical Advisor Group to run a seminar, which is part funded by International Taekwon-Do. Seminars can be on any topic, but especially encourage grading syllabus type seminars to help improve our standard.

Please use this form to request a seminar.

Saturday 28th May 2022
Kings High School Hall,
270 Bay View Road, South Dunedin
2.00 - 4.30 pm
Hosted by Jikida Taekwon-Do


Master Gray Patterson - 7th dan

Black Belt Seminar - Dunedin
Excellent chance to get some awesome training in with NZ team head coach and President of ITKD!

Do boks and water bottles required

Cost: Free
Funded by ITKD Instructor Development

11-12th June 2022
Rolleston College gymnasium
631 Springston Rolleston Road, Christchurch

Sat 11th June 0830-1630 with a 45 min lunch break at 1200
Sun 12th 0830 - 1400 with a 45 min break at 1100


Master Mark Banicevich - 7th dan

Mr Brendan Doogan - 6th dan

Black Belt Seminar - Christchurch
The topic is based around Black belt syllabus and the intent is to provide a training opportunity for those intending to Dan grade either in the following month of July or later in the year, although it is a black belt seminar 1st Gups intending to grade in the 2022 year are also invited to attend.

Cost: $75
If we have more than 20 attend then the cost will be reduced to reflect this.

3,11,18 September 2022
TMAA in Tauranga and Hamilton TKD Club

Assistant instructor
Hwa Rang BOP

Mr Tony Philips
1st dan, Hamilton TKD Club

An introduction to Stick Fighting

Mr Phillips has a background and passion for stick fighting. You may have seen him partner Master Eccles in stick fighting at Master Eccles recent grading!

Session 1 - @TMAA in Tauranga on Saturday 3rd September 2022 9.00-10am This session will cover
- falling/rolling
- partner safety
- basic blocking
- step sparring (with sticks to get timing)

Session 2 - @Hamilton Club on Sunday 11th September 2022 3-4pm
- speeding up the attack and work on timing
- looking at options that suit you -what is your go to?

Session 3 - @Hamilton Club on Sunday 18th September 2022 3-4pm
- polishing your go to! (adding realism)
- guest instructor ( dependant upon availability)

The Hamilton sessions can possibly be extended to 430pm if needed. 

Participants please bring your own stick. It should be 20-25mm in diameter, 60 cm long, and made from cane or doweling.

Max of 20 people per workshop, $20 per person per workshop.

Attending the first session before attending session 2or 3 is recommended but not essential.

Any questions can be directed towards myself Karen Attrill 0273629884, karenmeri@slingshot.co.nz 

See the iTKD Events Management Policy for information on the various types of events. For the purposes of this document, members should be aware there are several levels of seminars in New Zealand:

1. Class A Event: e.g. International Seminars such as IICs
2. Class B Event: e.g. National Seminars such as approved Technical Seminars that receive funding assistance from iTKD
3. Class C Event: e.g. Regional Seminars for local members in regions throughout NZ
4. Class D Event: e.g. Fundraising Seminars run by clubs and are endorsed by but not funded by iTKD


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