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Endorsed Training Providers


ITKD members encouraged to take part in the service offered by our Endorsed Training Providers, for the mutual benefit all involved.

All ETPs are asked to communicate with the club instructor of any itkd members to make sure the instructor consents to their student training with the ETP alongside their regular club sessions.

Providers from any field of expertise can apply to become an ETP. For example Personal Trainers, Gyms, First Aid Course Providers, or any service that will help to upskill our members and/or instructors.

Below is a list of our current ETPs.

Endorsed Training Providers

Van Roon Martial Arts

ETP Name:  Van Roon Martial Arts (VRMA)
Coach: Auckland based Performance Coach Carl van Roon is a 10x Martial Arts World Champion, Mindset Coach and Sport Scientist known for his innovative coaching methods.

Primary Location: MMC

Coaching Services: Van Roon Martial Arts (VRMA) provides coaching services to supplement the training of iTKD members including Private 1 on 1 Coaching and weekly Sparring Squad training. 

VRMA offers 3 main Private 1 on 1 Coaching services designed to assist individuals in fulfilling their true potential, whether that be as a competitor or Martial Artist: 
- Personalised Free-sparring and Special Technique Coaching
- Sport Science Coaching 
- Mindset Coaching 

VRMA Squad Training provides a structured, supportive pathway for iTKD members who would like to develop a comprehensive set of free-sparring skills in a weekly, group training environment. Many current members compete or coach on the national or International stage, or have an interest in exploring this area. 

Squad membership: Depending on their current skillset, iTKD members may be eligible to apply for Van Roon Martial Arts Sparring Squad membership. Age ranges are more of a guideline than a strict rule. Numbers in any squad at one time are restricted to maximise personal attention for each squad member. iTKD members interested in supplementing their current training with VRMA Squad training should approach their instructor before making an application to VRMA.   
VRMA Cadet Squad (9-12 years) 
VRMA Junior Squad (13-17 years)
VRMA Senior Squad (18-35 years)
VRMA Veterans Squad (35 years +)

Minimum Age: No minimum age for private coaching.
9 years + (as a guideline) to apply for Weekly Squad Sessions. 


020 4078 4773 (Direct Dial for Coach van Roon)

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