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International: Team 10

Mr Pellow's Team 2010 Travel World Wide

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The Kiwis in Vietnam

Over 20 New Zealanders were recently in Vietnam to compete in the 2nd Asian Championships. They also put on a demonstration in the Open Ceremony. Mr Nick Lorantos, Chairman of the 2011 World Champs board was also in attendance to promote the World Championships.

Carl Van Roon demonstrating at the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Asian Champs.

Coach Steve Pellow and his Team are globetrotting their way around the Caribbean, United States and Asia this July.

This trip begins with the ISKA World Continental Gold Cup - 4th July 2010 in Jamaica, where a select Team will compete. The countries selected are the best in their continent in ITF sparring. These are Canada, Argentina, Poland, Japan, New Zealand and host Jamaica. 

The New Zealand Team Sparring Team are:

Coach: Mr Steve Pellow. Team Sparrers: Mark Trotter,
Chris Broughton, Kane Baigent, Carl Van Roon, DJ Thompson

US Open

The team will then travel to Orlando, Florida to meet up with other Kiwis and compete in US OPEN.

Those in the US Open are: D J Thompson, Carl Van Roon, Kane Baigent, Chris Broughton, Mark Trotter, Matt Davey, Shane Black, Ross Black, Mike Onland, Corey Hunter, and Ogy Kabzamalov. They are entered in point sparring, continuous sparring, power breaking plus team sparring.

And as if that wasn't enough, Mr Pellow then leads a New Zealand contingent to the 2nd Asian Championships in Vietnam on 23-25 July.

There will be competitors from 13 countries:
1. Afghanistan
2. China
3. Hong Kong
4. India
5. Indonesia
6. Japan
7. Kazakhstan
8. Nepal
9. South Korea (no competitor)
10. Thailand (no competitor)
11. Uzbekistan
12. Vietnam
13. New-Zealand

We will set 3 rings with around 20 Umpires (12 International Umpires A and others under training umpires will from VTF).

Competing at the Asian Champs are: Mark Trotter, Richard Lavin, Mathew Davey, Carl Van Roon, Carolina Dillen, Christopher Broughton, Estelle Speirs, Amanda Cleland, Clint King, Alisa Yates, Michael Davis, Simon Davis, Melissa Timperley, Ethan Parker, Michael Onland, Alisa Yates, Melissa Timperley, Ethan Parker.

Supporters: Sherryl Muirson, Jackie Davis, Anne Timperley, Lisa Davey and David Parker.


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