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International: 2012 World Cup

October 4th-7th 2012 - Brighton, England

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New Zealand Competitors Results »

NZ Medal tally:
18 Gold
15 Silver
12 Bronze
45 Medals in total

The World Cup is the first major event on the Taekwon-Do calendar since the New Zealand team had overwhelming success at the 2011 World Championships, held in Wellington.

New Zealand took a team of 54 athletes over to Brighton, England for the 2012 World Cup event. It is an open tournament, featuring the very best Taekwon-Do practitioners from around the world. It ran for four days, testing the competitors in all aspects of the martial art.

The results are excellent for New Zealand. Our seasoned athletes have maintained their position at the top, while many younger and less experienced team members have shown a great depth of talent in the team.

Some of the newcomers took away gold, fighting through opposition from places such as Poland, Slovenia, and Scotland. At the same time our veteran members held up their end of the team, taking away gold in the 46+ age group.

Congratulations to all ourc ompetitors, managers, Coaches and supporters!


1. Lawrence Mantjika (Central Districts) -  Patterns.
2. Nathan Bowden (Central Districts) -  Patterns.
3. Nikita Wells  (Counties Manukau) -  Patterns.
4. Sara Curtis (Central Districts) - Sparring
5. Don Leong  (Counties Manukau -  Patterns.
6. Melissa Timperley  (Counties Manukau) -  Patterns.
7. Mark Trotter  (Auckland North) -  Patterns.
8. Courtney Weir (Counties Manukau) - Sparring
9. Georgia Moore (Counties Manukau) - Sparring
10. Kerry McEvoy (Auckland North) -  Patterns.
11. Kerry McEvoy & Don Leong (Counties Manukau / Auckland North) - Team Pre-Arranged Sparring
12. Ogy Kobzamalov (Auckland North) -  Patterns.
13. Rose Biddiscombe (Central Districts) - Sparring
14. Shania Kennedy-Lowe (Auckland North) - Specialty sidekick.
15. Shania Kennedy-Lowe (Auckland North) - Sparring.
16. Estee Speirs (Central Districts) - Sparring
17. Carl van Roon & Mark Trotter (Auckland North) - Team Pre-Arranged Sparring
18. Kristy Leong (Counties Manukau) - Power 

1. Kay Robinson  (Auckland North) - Sparring
2. Robert Meleisea (Counties Manukau) - Specialty Front kick 
3. Jamie Searle & Simon Davis - (Central Districts) Team Pre-Arranged Sparring
4. Row Hope (Auckland North) - Sparring
5. Estée Speirs  (Central Districts) - Specialty Sidekick
6. Kara Timmer (Midlands) - Specialty Front kick
7. Riley Phillips-Harris (Auckland North) - Sparring
8. Kerry McEvoy (Auckland North)  - Sparring
9. Kerry McEvoy (Auckland North) - Specialty sidekick.
10. Courtney Weir (Counties Manukau) -  Patterns.
11. Georgia Moore (Counties Manukau) -  Patterns.
12. Kara Timmer (Midlands) – Power
13. Brendan Doogan (Counties Manukau) – Power

1. Matt Bowden  (Central Districts) -  Patterns.
2. Toni Moki (Counties Manukau)  -  Patterns.
3. Courtney Meleisea (Counties Manukau)  - Sparring
4. Niketa Wells (Counties Manukau) - Specialty side kick
5. Devon Brown  (Counties Manukau) - Sparring
6. Rose Biddiscombe (Central Districts) - Specialty Front Kick
7.Vienna Parker (Counties Manukau)  -  Patterns.
8. Robert Meleisea (Counties Manukau) - Specialty sidekick
9. Helen Caley (Auckland North) - Specialty sidekick
10. Niketa Wells (Counties Manukau) - Sparring


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The ITF World Cup will take place in Brighton, England from 4th-7th October 2012 having been awarded the tournament at the New Zealand Congress on 11th March 2011.

The ITF World Cup is the biggest Taekwon-Do tournament on the calendar with an estimated 1500 competitors from 50 countries expected to participate.

Brighton is situated in Sussex, England and is a vibrant, exciting City where the World Cup participants will experience a Championships of the highest level with the best competitors from around the world.

The venue is the biggest conference centre in the south east, The Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2GR.

There are 5 age categories:

  • 12yrs - 14yrs
  • 15yrs - 17yrs
  • 18yrs - 35yrs
  • 36yrs - 45yrs
  • 46yrs +

Competitors events will be split into blue/red belts and black belts (up to 6th Degree) with individual events (Pattern, Sparring, Special Technique and Power Test) and team events in Pattern, Sparring and Pre arranged Sparring.

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