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International: 2014 Oceanias

7th Oceania Championships

Saturday 5th July 2014 - Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Venue: Cook Islands National Auditorium, Avarua 

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News 4.2.14

This year's Oceania Tournament will be a very special event. Not only will it be hosted in the fabulous Cook Islands, but we are making as many events available to as many competitors as possible:

Minimum age: 8, Maximum age 99 :-)

Patterns open to white belts and above, Sparring from yellow belt,
Pre-arranged sparring from green belt!!

Special Technique from blue belt and Power competitions from 15 year blue belts and higher.

We have a seminar conducted by 3 x 8th dans for only $25!!

These are very special rules to try and include as many in the family as possible - to make it an even more memorable trip. Entries are now open. Any questions please email Mrs Natasha Iotua.

News 29.11.13:

For the first time ever, the Cook Islands are host to the ITF Oceania Championships to be held in July 2014. The members of the Cook Islands Club and their families are looking forward to welcoming you to their beautiful Island in typical Cook Islands style. They have taken on the challenge of organising this event with the full support of the local authorities and businesses.

The tournament is being held in the huge BCI Stadium, situated on the Avaua Shopping centre / Airport side of the Island. It is also handy to the Edgewater Resort where block bookings have been reserved.

The tournament is being held in the School Holidays for New Zealand and Australia which makes it a great opportunity to bring the family. It will be essential to book NOW however, as flights and accommodation will sell out.

We also planning a seminar conducted by our region's three 8th dans: Master Michael Daher, Master Evan Davidson and Master Paul McPhail. This will be on Friday evening, 4th July 2014 and run as a fundraiser for the Cook Islands.

Look forward to seeing you all in Raro.


Best Overall Belts

Black Belt Roisin Giles  
Red Belt Kurt Bagby  
Blue Belt Te Nawe Hooper-Whiti  
Blue Belt Gabrielle Lambert  
Green Belt Brianna Campbell  
Yellow Belt Rakiki Brown  
White Belt Vaitoti Tupa  

Patterns Places

Male/Female 4th Dan+ Patterns
Gold Sonya Robinson  
Silver Richard Iotua  
Male/Female 3rd Dan Patterns
Gold Ben Maaka  
Silver Debbie Hart  
Male/Female 2nd Dan Patterns
Gold Trent Hayden  
Silver Rufina Daniel  
Bronze Aidan Campbell  
Female 1st Dan Patterns
Gold Kavita Jaduram  
Silver Roisin Giles  
Bronze Morgan Bowler-Parkin  
Male 1st Dan Patterns
Gold Dejaimero Iotua  
Silver Adam Herbison  
Bronze Barry Hart  
Male Red Belt Patterns
Gold Zacharius Patai  
Silver Kurt Bagby  
Bronze Puia Moetaua  
Female Red Belt Patterns
Gold Kay Robinson  
Silver Kimiora Pureau  
Bronze Jessie Hart  
Female Blue Belt Patterns
Gold Danielle Patai  
Silver Gabrielle Lambert  
Bronze Natasha Jones  
Male Blue Belt Patterns
Gold Te Nawe Hooper-Whiti  
Silver Kees Hooper-Whiti  
Bronze Mara Tk Adamu  
Male Green Belt Patterns
Gold Tamuera-beniamina Turitoa-Ratumu  
Silver Tokoitu Vavia  
Bronze Aurametua Vavia  
Female Green Belt Patterns
Gold Brianna Campbell  
Silver Eleisha Tuivaiti  
Bronze Matilda Thompson  
White Belt Patterns
Gold Vaitoti Tupa  
Silver Mikaela Montanez  
Bronze Kohl Horton  
Female Yellow Belt Patterns
Gold Rakiki Brown  
Silver Isabella Brown  
Bronze Kaienua Pera  

Sparring Places

Mens Dan LtHeavyweight
Gold Trent Hayden  
Silver Adam Herbison  
Bronze Ben Maaka  
Womens Dan Middleweight
Gold Roisin Giles  
Silver Oxana Gorskina  
Bronze Monique Shepherd  
Junior Boys Dan LtHeavyweight
Gold Aidan Campbell  
Silver Xavierche Mata  
Bronze Christian Tiati  
Junior Girls Dan Microweight
Gold Kaylan Putaka  
Silver Morgan Bowler-Parkin  
Bronze Stephanie Tua  
Womens 1-4 Gup LtHeavyweight
Gold Kay Robinson  
Silver Natasha Nicholas  
Bronze Tess Bates  
Veteran Mens Dan/Gup Hyperweight
Gold Kurt Bagby  
Silver Sei Brown  
Bronze Glen Donovan  
Junior Boys 1-4 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Pirini Kerrie  
Silver Tokoitu Vavia  
Bronze Te Nawe Hooper-Whiti  
Junior Girls 1-4 Gup Hyperweight
Gold Jade Nicholas  
Silver Danielle Patai  
Bronze Natalie Laracy  
Int Boys 1-4 Gup Heavyweight
Gold Teapai Tearaitoa  
Silver Vaeruarangi Jnr Paepera  
Bronze Robert Moetaua  
Int Boys 1-4 Gup LtHeavyweight
Gold Zacharius Patai  
Silver Kees Hooper-Whiti  
Bronze Ebenezer Rapoto  
Int Boys 1-4 Gup Middleweight
Gold Isaac Laracy  
Silver Connor Mitchell  
Bronze Anton Keay-Davies  
Int Girls 1-4 Gup LtHeavyweight
Gold Kimiora Pureau  
Silver Bobbie Jo Healey  
Bronze Gabrielle Lambert  
Int Girls 1-4 Gup Microweight
Gold Janae Whakarau  
Silver Suhaila Sayid-Ghoolam  
Bronze Eleisha Tuivaiti  
Peewee Boys 1-4 Gup Middleweight
Gold Andrew Campbell  
Silver Tui Amosa  
Bronze Collen Rapoto  
Peewee Girls 5-8 Gup Lightweight
Gold Brianna Campbell  
Silver Kaylah Ariu-Woolley  
Bronze Riana Brown  
Peewee Boys 9-10 Gup LtHeavyweight
Gold Vaitoti Tupa  
Silver Kohl Horton  

Special Technique Places

Mens Black Belt Special
Gold Hurricane Tamarua  
Silver Trent Hayden  
Bronze Ben Maaka  
Womens Black Belt Special
Gold Kavita Jaduram  
Silver Kaylan Putaka  
Bronze Shenea Whakarau  
Junior Mens Black Belt Special
Gold Christian Tiati  
Silver Aidan Campbell  
Bronze Xavierche Mata  
Mens Colour Belt Special
Gold Kurt Bagby  
Silver Puia Moetaua  
Womens Colour Belt Special
Gold Jade Nicholas  
Silver Natasha Jones  
Junior Mens Colour Belt Special
Gold Te Nawe Hooper-Whiti  
Silver Pirini Kerrie  
Bronze Tokoitu Vavia  
Int Mens Colour Belt Special
Gold Joshua Enoka  
Silver Connor Mitchell  
Bronze Anton Keay-Davies  
Int Womens Colour Belt Special
Gold Gabrielle Lambert  
Silver Suhaila Sayid-Ghoolam  
Bronze Janae Whakarau  

Power Test Places

Mens Black Belt Power
Gold Hurricane Tamarua  
Silver Ben Maaka  
Bronze Barry Hart  
Womens Black Belt Power
Gold Roisin Giles  
Silver Debbie Hart  
Silver Rufina Daniel  
Mens Colour Belt Power
Gold Pirini Kerrie  
Gold Kurt Bagby  
Bronze Puia Moetaua  
Womens Colour Belt Power
Gold Natasha Nicholas  
Silver Tess Bates  
Bronze Katrina Laracy  
Junior Mens Black Belt Power
Gold Dejaimero Iotua  
Silver Christian Tiati  
Junior Womens Black Belt Power
Gold Stephanie Tua  
Silver Monique Shepherd  
Bronze Kaylan Putaka  
Junior Womens Colour Belt Power
Gold Jade Nicholas  
Gold Kimiora Pureau  
Bronze Gabrielle Lambert  
Int Mens Colour Belt Power
Gold Teapai Tearaitoa  
Silver Zacharius Patai  
Bronze Vaeruarangi Jnr Paepera  

Team Places

Team Patterns
Gold Saltons Sidekicks  
Silver NZ Warriors  
Bronze TRiPM  


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