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International: 2016 Aussie Nationals


19 & 20 November 2016

New Zealanders: If you are competing in the Aussie Nationals please make sure your name is on our list. If not email Mr Paul Harper immediately. Also if your name is on the list but you have pulled out, please let us know.

NZ Competitors

First 20 NZ Competitors register received Free Entry and $100 to put towards accommodation (names below).

The first 10 Umpires registered will receive $150 cash.


NB: The first twenty competitors to receive Free Entry and $100 are: Lou Black, Maddison Black, Morgan Bowler-Parkin, Courtney Church, Layne George, Alexander Pakau Hakeagatoa, Caitlin Sifamua Hakeagatoa, Liam Aitken Hakeagatoa, Sean Vihitose Hakeagatoa, Ashley Porter, Malakai Ta'e'il Tupou, Vaughan Webb, Courtney Weir, Niketa Wells, Taine Williams, Calum Woodill, Joseph George, Amelia Perry, Jessie Hart, Debbie Hart and Igor Kim. Use links below to register.

UPDATE: The organising committee have agreed to GIVE ALL NZ COMPETITORS FREE ENTRY to the tourmanet! Plus - All NZ Competitors and officials who stay in the Paramata area will also receive free transportation to the tournament venue.


More information and Event Categories »

New Zealanders - to gain free entry click this link first, then enter by then cliking the link on this page.

Then click the link from this page

Then you should see this...

It is with great pleasure we extend this open invitation to attend the ITF National Championships 2016 to be held in Sydney, Australia on Saturday the 19th and 20th of November 2016.

Current National ITF champions and developing athletes will be present and we welcome all ITF Taekwon-Do groups regardless of affiliation to join us in these championships under ITF rules.

We look forward to welcoming you all, and celebrating together in these championships and developing strong mutual friendships in the Martial Arts spirit. The heart of the competition will be our Tenets of Taekwon-Do, Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance - Self Control - Indomitable Spirit.

Please note that the Saturday competition will be devoted to coloured belts, whilst Sunday will be for 1st Degree’s and above.


Master Daher
ITF Taekwon-do Australia 


NZ Competitors

Alexander Haekagatoa Dragon Spirit
Caitlin Haekagatoa Dragon Spirit
Liam Hakeagatoa Dragon Spirit
Malakai Tupou Dragon Spirit
Sean Hakeagatoa Dragon Spirit
Dean Cooper Eastern ITF Pakuranga
Dylan Cooper Eastern ITF Pakuranga
Bianca Koper Hart Taekwon-Do
Debbie Hart Hart Taekwon-Do
Jessie Hart Hart Taekwon-Do
Calum Woodill International Taekwon-do Riccarton
Bradley Greenwood Ji shin Kerikeri
Amelia Perry Paul M Papakura
Gabby Lambert Paul M Papakura
Joseph George Paul M Papakura
Layne George Paul M Papakura
Niketa Wells Paul M Papakura
Morgan Frances Bowler-Parkin Remuera Taekwon-Do
Kees Hooper-Whiti Salton Taekwon-Do Academy
Shirley Hooper-Whiti Salton Taekwon-Do Academy
Lou Black Silla Taekwon-Do
Maddison Black Silla Taekwon-Do
Taine Williams Silla Taekwon-Do
Courtney Weir Team Legacy Mt Albert
Igor Kim Team Legacy Mt Albert
Elaijah Tuivaiti Tribal Taekwondo
Adam Herbison Jungshin Warkworth
Allister Villiers Team Legacy Mt Albert
Vaughan Webb Infinity Papakura


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