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Nationals: 2009 South Island

Hosted by South Island on 26th & 27th September 2009

QE2 stadium - Travis Road Christchurch | Orgnaiser: Mr Kris Herbison | Helen Caley - Team and Officials liaison | Angela Barltrop - Dinner |

Congratulations Auckland north - Best Region 2009. See full results here.

Press Release [1 Sep 2009]

Rules for Weigh-in

Any competitor over the stated maximum weight for their entered division will be excluded from that division. For example, where the maximum weight for a division is 54kg any competitor over 54.0kg shall be excluded.

Male competitors weighing in shall, at minimum, wear dobok pants. Female competitors weighing in shall, at minimum, wear dobok pants and a sports bra top.

Multiple weigh-ins per person are allowed (no maximum number), however no competitor is permitted to weigh in after the tournament has officially been opened.

Overweight competitors excluded from a division will only be allowed to compete in a heavier division with the approval of the Tournament Arbiter AND if all regional team head coaches affected agree AND only if there is a valid Regional spot available in the heavier division.

It has been ruled that, as not all juniors can or should be pressured to do power, Junior power medals will not count towards the Best Junior Black Belt trophy. They will count for Best Region.

ID Card Procedure

No one will be allowed on the competition floor without an ID card.  Anyone found on the competition floor without a valid reason for being there may have their ID card confiscated thus preventing them from participating in the remainder of the competition. ID card procedures are set out below.

For patterns

Each competitor will proceed to the required ring, in plenty of time, and present themselves to the ring marshal. Their ID Card will be handed over and they will be marked as present. All ID Cards for that patterns contest will be taken to the juror by the ring marshal immediately prior to the start of the patterns division contest. Any competitor that is not present at that point may be disqualified. Upon completion of the contest and the awarding of the medals, all competitors are given back their ID Card.

For sparring

Each competitor and coach proceed to the required ring well before time. They are marked as present, have their gear checked, and their ID Cards are given to the juror. Any competitor not in position to enter the ring, with all their correct gear, when the referee calls them in, may be disqualified. After the match, the competitor and coach are given back their ID Cards and may leave, unless medals are to be presented etc.

For Power/Specialty

Each competitor and coach proceed to the power/specialty area. They will present themselves to the head umpire for the discipline, be confirmed as present and the competitor will hand over their ID card.  Upon completion of the event, the ID card will be returned. 

All competitors will get a 2 for 1 pass to the QEii pools, which includes, wave pool, lap pool, spa and sauna.  They can use this to either go in on the Saturday and the Sunday, or they can use them to get themselves and a friend in for the price of one.  Will be up to the individual.  We will give out the passes when the teams arrive to weigh in and collect their competitor tags etc

The Major Sponsor for the 2009 National Championships is:

Thanks to Fuji Mae for their support. Visit their website here

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