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Nationals: Midlands

and present

ITFNZ Taekwon-Do National Championships 2008



(i) All umpires should read the roster carefully and print a copy to bring with them on the day.  Some umpires are rostered to different rings before and after lunch and should be aware of this to avoid delays. 

(ii) Any umpire on the roster who is no longer available should contact Mr Eccles IMMEDIATELY on 021 677 085 or at geccles@clear.net.nz

(iii) Anyone who has registered as an umpire or official that is not on the roster WILL STILL BE USED, and should come dressed accordingly.

(iv) Anyone who is available to officiate after competing should advise Mr Eccles of their availability immediately after they finish competition.

(v)Umpires meeting for all umpires, officials, helpers, crew etc 8.30am SHARP on Saturday morning at the venue.
Grant Eccles
Planning Manager

Dear Officials,

Thanks very much for registering to help Midlands out with the Nationals this year. Please remember, you also need to send in your ID photo to gwyn@homegrownkids.co.nz . You also need to contact your regional manager and let them know you are going to be an official and are part of their regional team. This is most important, and also a courtesy to your regional manager. There are quite a few officials registered here, which is awesome, but we must have your photo.

All officials and floor crew will meet at 8.30 on the Saturday morning (dressed correctly) for a briefing.

Thank you

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