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Advisor Panel and Advisor Groups

The Advisory Panel look after the ‘Do’ and other ‘non business’ aspects of Taekwon-Do within International Taekwon-Do. The Advisory Panel is effectively the custodian or guardian and ‘voice’ for the art – headed by the most senior Masters within the organisation who are considered the experts in ITF Taekwon-Do and worthy of this portfolio.

The Advisory Panel gives the organisational structure balance between the ‘business’ side and ‘non business’ side of International Taekwon-Do. The Panel oversee the four Advisor Groups namely; Technical, Tournaments, Standards & Discipline and High Performance.

Each Advisor Group will has a multi function i.e. (1) to be a specialist Advisor resource to the Advisory Panel and (2) manage the day to day running of their respective group and (3) function as a workgroup for the Advisory Panel on special projects. Each Advisor Group functions in their own right and have direct accountability to the Advisory Panel.

Policy information - January 2012

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