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Call for Advisor Group Members

Advisor Group Review 2019

High Performance Advisor Vacancy

The HP Advisory Group requires a passionate high performer to fill the role of High Performance Advisor. 

If you are excited by a culture of success on the international stage and care about the future of athlete development then iTKD needs you to help lead our HP strategy and vision for the 2020-2021 seasons.

This is a senior role within our organisation and the responsibilities and skill set needed for this role are set out in our policy document here:

Please send your CV and covering letter to pmcphail@itkd.co.nz by the closing date Tuesday August 13th 5pm.

Your appointment will be from or close to 1 September 2019 and one of your first duties will be to call for applicants for the iTKD HP NZ Managers and NZ Team Coaches.

Should you have any queries about this role you may email Mrs Young-Jasberg on hp@itkd.co.nz

iTKDNZ takes this opportunity to thank the incumbent Mrs Young-Jasberg for the past 6 years service and leadership.

Paul McPhail
Chairman Advisory Panel

Mike Thompson
CEO itkdnz


The ITKD Advisory Panel are undergoing a review of the ADVISOR GROUPS that run the Art side of our organisation. See Chart of our Structure below.

As well as confirming that our current Group members are happy to continue in their role, we are also seeking interest from others that may want to be involved in any of the committees.

You can read the descriptions and of each Advisor Group in our Reference Section.

The current Advisor Groups and members are listed below. If you are interested in being considered for a position on one of these Groups please email your CV and covering letter to the Chairman of the Advisory Panel, Master Paul McPhail by Sunday 21st July 2019.

Advisor Groups

Technical Advisor Group

Technical Advisor & Chief Examiner
Master Paul McPhail (8th dan)

Master Evan Davidson (8th dan)
Master Rocky Rounthwaite (8th dan)
Master Mahesh Bhana (8th dan)
Master James Rimmer (8th dan)

Standards & Discipline Advisor Group

Standards & Discipline Advisor
Mrs Lena Walton

Mr John Matsuoka (AN)
Ms Fran Marshall (CM)
Mr Simon Mallinson (MD)
Mr Darren Andrews (CD)
Mrs Lena Walton (WN)
Dr Lorraine Eade (SI)

Tournament Advisor Group

Tournament Advisor
Mr Gwyn Brown

Mr Grant Eccles (Umpire Training)
Mr Darren Ward (Umpire Training)
Mrs Natasha Iotua (Tournaments)
Mrs Charlotte Blackwell (Tournaments)
Mr Dave Blackwell (IT & Tournaments)
Mr Scott Sutherland (IT & Tournaments)
Mr Brendan Doogan (Competitor/Umpire Liaison)
Mrs Debbie Hart (Umpire Training)


High Performance Advisor Group

High Performance Advisor
Mrs Young-Jasberg (6th dan)

Group Members:
Master Steve Pellow (7th dan)
Mr Luke Thompson (3rd dan)



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