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Techniques Seminars 2003 - Notes


Basic Techniques

Walking stance middle punch – fist lines up with middle of third toe.
Walking stance high punch – fist lines up with centre of foot.
L-Stance inner forearm middle block - fist lines up with middle of third toe.
Outer forearm low block – elbow bent 25°.
Knifehand low block – elbow bent 15°.
Knifehand low block – intermediate cross in front of rib cage.
Rising blocks – cross in front of rib cage.
Side blocks all to chest line.


Fast Motion – no downward sine wave between.
Slow Motion – should be smooth, not too slow, slight acceleration towards end.

Chon Ji:
Backward step turns – avoid bringing rear foot in before pivoting to turn.

Dan Gun:
Movements 9 & 11 – twin forearm blocks cross with palms facing yourself, hand to perform middle block on the inside.

Movements 13 & 14 – forearm low block & forearm rising block in continuous motion. Full sine wave on both – lower rear knee and turn from half to full facing as hands cross, then straighten rear leg and block as you drop back down.

Do San:
Spot turning – move front foot across to centre line, ball of foot comes back about a foot, facing 45°.

Movement 6 – Straight Finger Tip Thrust intermediate hands relaxed, quite open.

Movement 7 – release: pivot on balls of feet on spot.

Won Hyo:
Movements 2, 5, 14, & 17 – Inward Knifehand High Strike: use knee spring to create sine wave – don’t move feet.

Bending Ready Stances – don’t swing leg out in front, bring close to supporting leg and lift up as supporting leg drops.

Circular Blocks – keep back straight when performing. Finished technique is reverse half-facing, blocking hand in line with rear foot, opposite shoulder slightly higher than blocking shoulder, which is slightly higher than blocking hand.

Yul Gok:
Movements 1 & 4 – slight cross of arms. To shoulder line. Normal motion.

Movement 36 – X-stance Back Fist Strike half facing, feet to 45°.

Joong Gun:
Movements 1 & 4 – cross hands at chest height – avoid dropping hands to cross.

Movements 3 & 6 – Palm Upward Blocks performed in a circular type motion.

Movements 8 & 10 – Upper Elbow Strike: wrist of attacking hand doesn’t twist.

Movements 15 & 18 – release: no sine wave, just slip foot forward. Opposite hand must come off of hip first, then pull back as release performed.

Movements 27 & 28 – Pressing Block arms on shoulder line, bottom arm bends at elbow rather than the wrist.

Toi Gye:
Movements 2 & 5 – Upset Fingertip Thrust intermediate position has striking hand up around eye height, elbow down, palm facing forward.

Movement 19 – Double Forearm Pushing Block pushes forward to push opponent off balance.

Hwa Rang:
Movement 7 – Downward Knifehand Strike: don’t lift up on heels, just pull foot back.

Movement 11 – rear foot slips up so feet are approx. one shoulder width apart, weight 50/50, on balls of feet. Arm bent about 45°.

Choong Moo:
Movement 27 – X-Knifehand Checking Block comes straight in from shoulder height, not upward. Block to B (straight ahead), half-facing.

Step Sparring

Three Step Sparring Without Partner:
Step straight back to walking stance low block – no measure required.

Three Step Sparring:
Measure, then step back to attention.
On the command of “sambo matsogi junbi”, the attacker steps back to walking stance low block (with kihap) and the defender steps out to parallel ready stance at the same time.
On the command of “sijak”, the defender kihaps, signaling the attacker to attack.
A re-measure is not always required.

One Step Sparring:
Attack & Defence should start from Parallel Ready Stance.
Attacks should be appropriate to target.
Kihap on last counter attack, not the guarding block.


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