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Master Van de Mortel Seminars

Photos of Master Van de Mortel Camp in Taupo

Tribal Taekwon-Do presented Master Van de Mortel with gifts and performed a special Haka at the Airport on his departure. On behalf of ITFNZ he was thanked and of course invited back next year as well!


Master Willy Van de Mortel is back this December to run more Development & Coaching seminars - PLUS a series of open seminars anyone can attend.

The seminars in July were all very well received, with everyone keen to return for more of the Van de Mortel treatment!

More news and details of the seminars will follow as the hosts provide them... see the schedule below for registration info.

A big thanks to Coaching and Selections Director Mr Greg Skinner for making this happen.

Open Sparring seminars for all members - December 2007

Sunday 16th December .........Central Districts - Palmerston North

Monday 17th December ........Wellington

Tuesday 18th December .......South Island

Wednesday 19th December ..Counties Manukau - Papakura See Photos

Thursday 20th December ...... Tauranga See Photos
Those from CM that missed out - you are welcome to attend our one in Tauranga, at the same discount rate of $20 ($40 for families).

Saturday 22nd December .....Auckland North


Development & Coaching Seminars

Master Van de Mortel - back home with his broken hand compliments of a Campbell Gold. He continued on to Wellington where he did his sparring seminar with hand bandaged. He then went to the South Island and flew back home still without having it looked at/sorted by the hospital - this dude is tough !

Master Van de Mortel and Mr Rene Kunz in Germany 2005.

Confirmed dates for July 2007 seminars:

Open Sparring seminars for all members - July 2007

Wednesday 4th July - CM

Thursday 5th July - Whangarei

Sunday 8 July - CD
Venue: Palmerston North Boys High School, Featherston Street, Palmerston North. Cost: $25.00 per person

Monday 9th July - Wellington

Tuesday 10th July - Christchurch

Wedesday 11th July - Auckland North



Development Seminars and Coaching Seminars

Those selected for these seminars have been informed by Mr Greg Skinner, Director of Coaching and Selections.


And later in the year:
14th to 23rd December 2007

The Coaching and Selections Committee have announced plans to employ the services of world renowned coach Master Willy Van de Mortel, on an on-going basis.

A specially selected team of JUNIORS will get the chance to work under guidance of Master Van de Mortel, with the long term goal of achieving sparring medals at the 2011 ITF World Champs (hopefully to be hosted in New Zealand). Master Van de Mortel will also work with our top New Zealand coaches as well.

Special Seminars will also be open to the general membership, and each region will be giving the opportunity to host a seminar.

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