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8th & 9th November 2008
[4th dans and above only]


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The 5th Annual Stripes 1 to 1 seminar went bush! We moved the seminar from sunny Taupo to - OUT IN THE STIX.

Stripes 1 to 1 is a chance for New Zealand's Senior Black Belts to get together, train together and plan for the future.

Out in the Styx is nestled quietly in the heart of the Maungatautari, surrounded by 3500 hectares of 1000 year old virgin native bush, and the magnificent Maungatautari Mountain right on its doorstep... and Master Davidson had plans for that!

The weekend began with a AGM and board meeting of the Oceanic Taekwon-Do Federation (OTF) on Friday evening. Minutes of the meeting and results of the election of officers will be on the OTF website shortly. On Sunday morning the ITFNZ Technical Committee held a meeting.

ITFNZ Technical Committee
Left to right: Master Davidson, Master Bhana, Mr Tolley, Mr Salton, Mr Lowe, Master McPhail, Mr Rimmer, Mr Graham, Mr Pygott, Mr Mantjika.

The Technical Committee approved many new changes. A summary is below:

  • The introduction of the ITFNZ Mini Kids Program was approved. The program for 4-8 year olds has been developed by Mrs Shirley Pygott, and she was present at the meeting to make her presentation to the committee. This program is optional, and is scheduled to be introduced to Instructors early 2009.
  • For gup gradings, instructors are now asked to use a separate Grading Result sheet for each grade.
  • Boards for gup gradings to be standardised to polar boards.
  • It was agreed to now present ITFNZ black belt certificates to all senior dans that grade under the auspices of ITFNZ. This will be backdated. (Previously those that graded under external examiners did not receive an ITFNZ certificate.)
  • Black belt applications will go totally on-line from 2009. This will include attaching a digital photo, listing credit points and payment on-line.
  • From 2009 there will no longer be Gold Points.
  • Half points are to added to the black belt grading fitness test scores.
  • The requirement for black belts to have umpired at a certain number of tournaments has been expanded to include ring marshalling, or other official.
  • One step sparring in black belt gradings is to be changed so that the examiner determines what techniques the attacker does, or asks the attacker to choose.
  • Self Defence for 2nd, 3rd and 4th dan gradings is to be non pre-arranged. (2nd dan - ground techniques, 3rd dan - defence against baton attack, 4th dan - defence against multiple attackers).
  • Requirement for 4th dan and above to be an "Instructor" expanded to include "Assistant Instructor".
  • Examiners for 2009 confirmed.

The seminar got underway Saturay afternoon with a stretching and strengthening session by Master Daher. It emphasised developing flexibly and strength hand in hand by using safe resistive exercises. Everyone enjoyed the session and learnt many new exercises. After a break, Master McPhail taught a class on technical updates from the recent IICs in New Zealand and Australia, and introduced the new system of one step sparring. Mr Pellow then introduced the non pre-arranged format for ground self defence to be used form 2009.

In the evening Master Daher gave a brief summary of the international scene and answered many questions relating to the ITF. Following this was a superb dinner and then plenty of socializing, with some watching the elections.

Sunday morning was to be a leisurely bush walk lead by Master Davidson in the "Southern Enclosure", which is a fenced off reserve near the accommodation. Unfortunately, due to some dodgy map reading, the Master lead the team completely around the perimeter of the external fence, up and down extremely step and perilous terrain, to finally arrive back at our stating point, having yet to enter the enclosure. Much fun was had (after recovery) quietly agreeing that the event was truly a "Davidson Classic".

Note on the photo of the map (left) the white line right around the outside of the enclosure... that is were we walked by mistake!

The final part of Stripes was a discussion time and a chance to throw around ideas. Mr Lowe volunteered to develop course material for teaching of the "Do", and Mr Graham is looking to the possibility of our own certified first aid courses. Mr Lowe is also looking again at the idea of a group public liability insurance for instructors. We will also be requesting the ITF to hold the next IIC early in 2010 (Feb / March) and incorporate seminars for all gup students during the week.

All agreed the venue was excellent for this year's Stripes 1 to 1 and that we would return there in 2009. Thanks was given to Special Guest Master Daher for his attendance.


This year's special guest was Instructor:

MASTER MICHAEL DAHER - 7th dan, Member of ITF Board of Directors

Why is it called Stripes 1 to 1? Well it is a seminar for stripes (4th dans and above) from 1 pm Saturday till 1 pm Sunday. And it is change for 1 to 1 discussions and socialising between our senior members.

See pictures from the pervious Stripes 1 to 1: 2007 2004 2003 2002.

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