Mark Trotter Seminar in Santiago, Chile

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On Saturday the 9th of January Mr. Mark Trotter, member of the New Zealand National Team and instructor of Impact Kingsland, taught a day-long seminar organised by the President of ITF in Chile, Mr. Eduardo Oviedo (5th Dan). There were two three hour sessions. The first session was dedicated to patterns and the second to sparring. Despite the seminar being in the middle of the summer holidays there was an awesome turn out as Taekwon-Do practitioners from clubs all over Santiago, including many members of the national team, came to see what Mark as both a competitor and a coach had to offer. Everyone trained hard and had lots of fun. All participants demonstrated a lot of spirit to be able to train so hard in the 35 degree heat inside the stadium that day!

Thank you very much to Mr. Oviedo for organising the seminar and to everyone for their amazing hospitality. During our time here in Chile Mark and I have also had the pleasure to train with Mr. Ernesto Reyes (4th Dan) and Mr. Javier Varela (3rd Dan and World Champion in 2002 & 2004). We have learned much about the history and development of ITF Taekwon-Do in Chile. We look forward to continuing to build a good and strong relationship with our friends in Chile, many of whom will visit NZ for the World Champs in 2011.

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