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Board meetings, mission statements, strategic plans. These are normally not the kind of things you associate with Taekwon-Do. They seem worlds away from the excitement of the team sparring final at the Nationals, with the team spirit, chanting & drumming.

There is a link though. A large organisation needs structure, guidance, and management, and that’s the job of the board. It’s about building a strong foundation for the future of these events, and the organisation as a whole, building our strategic plan.

In addition to this strategic plan, there is the mission statement. A mission statement for a company is a must-have item these days, but can lead to confusing examples such as this:

“It is our responsibility to assertively administrate timely deliverables in order to solve business problems.”

For us, the organisation is not about profits, shareholders, or traditional “deliverables”. We were founded by people practicing a martial art, who wanted to share that art with as many people as possible. This is a much better use of a mission statement, to describe why the organisation exists, and the passion for the martial art.

In our next board report we’ll cover this area in more detail, and share more of our plans for the future, and our strategic goals.



Again, this is the realm of the boardroom rather than the gym. As we continue to grow and gain stature as a sport in New Zealand, we need to follow up behind the scenes with our support structures.

We have been modernising our systems, working with our auditors, and archiving our historical records. This has taken a lot of effort, but will provide us with the structure expected of a top class sporting organisation.

Not terribly glamorous, but an essential task. Thanks to all the people putting in the long hours and hard work.


Sporting Bits

The current membership is growing well. This doesn’t mean we are all getting fatter, but we are seeing a good rise in membership numbers.

The board received a report on the high performance programme and the world championships campaign. A summary of recommendations will be produced from this, and published shortly.

Counties Manukau have secured funding from Kiwisport. This is a government funding initiative to support sport for school-aged children. More details on this scheme will follow.

The board also received news from the international convention held recently in Spain. A more detailed report on this will follow, but the convention ran workshops including:

  • IIC
  • Teaching the "DO" workshop
  • Child education program
  • Workshop on development and management of schools
  • First aid workshop
  • Warm up work shop

Lastly, there was an update on our projects for the future. The aim is to make sure we support everyone’s personal journey through Taekwon-Do, with specific solutions for different age groups and types of people. A full report will be received at the end of November, so more details will come after that.

In summary then, lots of exciting news to follow over the next few months.


Send us your pictures!

We’ve all been to events & tournaments, and seen lots of people with cameras. Where do all these pictures go ?
If you’ve uploaded them somewhere, or just have them on your computer at home, please send me the pictures or the link. Let’s share as much as we can, and build a bigger view of what happens at all these events.

Send them in to the Communications Coordinator via our Contact Us Page.

Thank you



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