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16 of our athletes Performance Enhancement Grants (PEG).

SPARC aims to create a world class high performance environment in New Zealand and to have more Kiwi winners on the world stage. To realise this aim athletes and teams need to be given the best possible chance to excel on the world stage. Performance Enhancement Grants (PEGs) are designed to allow New Zealand’s leading athletes to dedicate more of their time and energy to their sport. PEGs are designed to reduce the financial burden associated with being an elite athlete and ultimately to retain athletes in elite sport longer.

Athletes were nominated after their medal success at the Senior World Championships in Argentina last year, and their likelihood of selection and success for the next World Championships in Wellington in March 2011. As well as financial support, as carded athletes they are provided with service support from the NZ Academy of Sport by way of advice, planning and sport science support. PEGSs athletes commit to setting performance goals, milestones and individual performance plans which is monitored on a regular basis in ensure the best chance of World Championship success.

Please note that this is SPARC support direct to athletes. No ITFNZ monies are committed and is passed entirely to the athlete (that is ITFNZ does not retain any of this financial support). ITFNZ and the athletes concerned are hugely encouraged and appreciative of the confidence and support received from SPARC and the NZ Academy of Sport.

Athletes receiving the PEG Grants are:

Carl van Roon
Luke Thompson
Mark Trotter
Carolina Dillen
Christopher Broughton
Matthew Davy
Amanda Cleland
Richard Lavin
Kane Baigent
Clint King
Kris Herbison
Nikki Galpin
Sandi Legg
Estelle Speirs
Alica Yates
Chris Morton

Enhancement Grants

SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand) aims to build New Zealand winners by supporting the athletes and teams that can win at an international level, and the coaches and organisations that are behind them.

The PEGs programme provides world class athletes with financial support to enable them to dedicate time to training and competing, in order to maximise their sport potential.

It should highlighted that this funding has also been made possible by having our new organisational structure in place, and hard work of the Board members to comply with SPARC's requirements.

Thanks especially to Mr Kris Herbison, Mrs SHirley Pygott and our new CEO Mr Mike Thompson for the MANY hours of work involved.

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