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Redoubt North School Taekwon-Do Club

For the first time in our history, we have a club that is fully integrated into the school system.

At Redoubt Primary School in Manukau, 20 kids leave their classroom on a Friday morning and go to the gym to attend Taekwon-Do class! These children are selected from the 100 that attended two terms of Taekwon-Do in our KiwiSport Programme earlier this year, and are now awarded with a long term training scholarship in the art.

The idea came about following a brainstorming session between Master McPhail and the School Principal Jane Milner, as she was so impressed with the positive effect the classes had on the children.

The scholarship programme includes support from KiwiSport, the School and a charity, meaning these kids will have 3-4 years to get as far through the grades as possible before they leave the school. Other groups will follow in their footsteps as this is to be a permanent part of the school curriculum.

Lianna McCartney, Instructor at Zeal Taekwon-Do Otahuhu, has been appointed as the instructor of the club. She instructed the chidren in the KiwiSport programme, is proud of the kids and excited to be involved in the project.

Any other regions / schools interested in more details of the project please contact Master McPhail.

Follow the progress of the kids



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