Self Defence Handbook Photoshoot

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Mr Phil Thompson - Technical Director for the Self Defence Photoshoot with Gray and Suz Patterson.

On Saturday 18th January 2014 International Taekwon-Do had its photoshoot for the new Self Defence Handbook. Mr and Mrs Patterson were flown from Wellington to demonstrate the techniques to be used in the handbook, under the technical guidance of Mr Phil Thompson from Protect Self Defence.

The new syllabus, due to be introduced at the Instructor Updates Courses in March, is a collaborative project between ITKD and Protect Self Defence. It has been written by Master Paul McPhail and Mr Mark Banicevich, drawing firstly on content from the Protect Self Defence accredited Trainer Program for the first section. We also drew on the knowledge and experience of Master Mark Hutton, Master Steve Pellow, Mr Andrew Salton, Mr Ian Campbell and Mr Shaun Skedgwell.

A preliminary photoshoot was carried out early January with the kind assistance of Debbie and Barry Hart. A draft syllabus was circulated amongst our experts and the Technical Advisor Group members and several revisions were then made. The final photoshoot was conducted at the fabulous MMC facility kindly provided by Mr John Matsuoka.

The new syllabus is a whole new approach to the way we teach and grade our self defence. The handbook will be 72 pages of valuable information, professionally presented. it will be issued free of charge to instructors who attend the Update course in March, then become available for students to purchase after that.


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