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Phil MooreOur New Communications Coordinator

Hello, my name is Phil Moore.
I train with Mr Kane Raukura at Dragons Spirit, Papatoetoe. My story is quite typical of older people joining Taekwon-Do – I brought the kids along and rather than sit on the side-lines, decided to join in the fun as well.

I’ve been training for over 5 years now, and reached 1st dan over a year ago. It sounds like a clip from an advert, but Taekwon-Do really has changed my life. Every time I see a promotion for the next reality TV series, I’m thankful it’s on a training night so I won’t be subjected to it. Apologies to all the fans of those programmes, but I’d much rather be out & active. A complete reversal from the pre-Taekwon-Do version of myself.

My next challenge is helping out with communications for International Taekwon-Do. We would like much greater exposure for the successes of the clubs, the people, and the board.
The board have worked hard with SPARC, securing funding for our top athletes. Our stars dominated the world champs, and our clubs are continuing to expand and attract new members.

From the ground up, we want every member to feel part of the success, learn from the experiences of our world-class coaches & team members, and share the rewards from the work of the board.

You’ll be hearing more about our work with SPARC, how it helps our top people, and following their success. At the same time, I want to hear from everyone. Tell me your stories, how you got started, where you train, what your goals are. I want to find out more, and share experiences.

You can write to me via our Contact Us Page.

Phil Moore





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